won “Best Gadget Blog” at MSMW 2014

If you don’t follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you have likely missed the news that won an award!!!

A couple of weeks ago, on 26 February 2014, I attended the World Bloggers and Social Media Award Night organised a part of Malaysia Social Media Week 2014, where awards were given to social media and bloggers recognized for their influence in Malaysia. And was one of the winners, in the “Best Gadget Blogs” category, among other deserving nominees.


The dinner was held at Zebra Square in Kuala Lumpur and there were a number of people in attendance, from bloggers to corporate clients to Social Media influencers from the conference early that week.

After a long delay, the event started with some VIP speeches and we only managed to dig in to dinner at 9.15pm.

Everyone was super hungry by then and we pretty much devoured the food immediately.

Once the award presentation kicks off, I was excited to get up to accept my award!

There were other bloggers accepting their respective awards for categories like “Best Auto Blog”, “Best Lifestyle Blog”, “Best Foodie Blog” and more. with other winners in MSMW 2014

Noticed that they are all male bloggers? I was the only female blogger on stage, and for such a male dominated category for Gadgets as well. *smug smile*

I got a goodie bag as well for my win, on top of the trophy…

Thanks to Ninetology Malaysia, I won their latest Ninetology U9J1!!!

To be very honest, I was pleasantly surprised that I was nominated to begin with. In a category with top tech blogs like, I didn’t think I would stand a chance of getting any strong votes at all. I posted on social media to ask for some of you guys to vote, but didn’t really push it.

Imagine my surprise that after the voting was closed, scores were tabulated, and I received an email from the MSMW folks that I won!!!

I have to thank everyone, all you readers and followers, for your tremendous support and for those of you who voted for my blog in the category and for the win.

Sorry to sound  cheesy here, with my award acceptance “speech”.

I truly am thankful for all your support. I manage this blog on top of a hectic day job. I am thankful that so many brands and PR folks recognise my blog enough to send me Press Releases, event invites and gadgets and services for review. I almost never have time to promote the blog other than the automated share to social media and occassional conversations I have with you guys on Facebook or Twitter.

I get overwhelmed with so much blogposts to write with so little time. There are times when I contemplated quitting and shutting down the blog, when I can barely find time to handle the deadlines and mountain of gadgets to review. Definitely no time for opinion posts or better news roundup posts or *uggh* time to research, shoot, edit and publish a YouTube video.

I am thankful. I am truly thankful for the opportunity. I am more thankful for you, the readers. I’ve always thought that the only people who read my blog are a couple of friends that I pester into checking out a recent review I wrote that I’m proud of. Over time, I noticed that there are actually more people reading and commenting on my blog or social posts or sending me messages (email or FB messages).

I really am grateful. This award is a sign that I must go on, keeping up with the blog.

THANK YOU, EVERYONE! For the award, and the support of

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