Chinese Restaurant Review : Extra Super Tanker @ Damansara Kim

Extra Super Tanker! Yes, that’s the name of a Chinese restaurant in Damansara Kim. A weird name, I know. And the funny thing is – it’s not even a translation of the Chinese name of the restaurant.

Hubby made a joke that the name sounded like some Super Mario / Nintendo game. It doesn’t make sense! My whole family thought it was a funny name and we had a chuckle about it. Whatever the reason for the name, it got us talking. It was a memorable name, unlike the traditional Chinese restaurant names. This – is clever marketing!

Extra Super Tanker Restaurant

Extra Super Tanker has 2 branches; the main one is located at Damansara Kim, at the row of shoplots just next to Damansara Specialist Hospital, the other is at Bandar Utama, at The Club, Bukit Utama.

I’ve heard great things about this restaurant, and their unique porky dishes so insisted on my next family dinner there. On their website here, they stated that they’re primarily a seafood restaurant with fine Chinese dining. Funnily, I was there mostly because I heard about their pork dishes.

I tried booking it for my birthday late last year, but the restaurant was fully booked for a dinner function. The restaurant has a capacity to fit up to 250 pax with 3 private VVIP rooms. So, yeah, if you’re looking for a Chinese banquet style restaurant for your celebration dinners, company dinners, birthday celebration, weddings, etc.



Extra Super Tanker - Ambiance

As you’d expect from a typical banquet-style Chinese restaurant, Extra Super Tanker (EST) has round tables of 10 scattered around the floor. From the entrance, you’d see the roast station on your left (Top Right) with the roast barbeque pork and roast duck on full display. Walk slightly further in, the open kitchen is barely visible on the left (Bottom Left).

Even though I made the reservation about a week in advance, being Chinese New Year period, the restaurant was quite full. So full, in fact, that they mixed up my reservation and almost had no seats to place me and my family of 8.

I was unhappy that there were no one manning the reception table to seat us. Every staff and captain was walking around aimlessly on the busy night that it took 15 minutes until someone attended to me, after I flagged someone down. Only to catch a glimpse of their reservation book, and noticed that they gave my assigned table to someone else!

The night started off on a bad note for me – messy organisation of reservations, giving my reserved table away, and lack of staff attending to us.

They finally sat us at the far end of the table, which means there were little to no attention when we ordered our food and drinks and other requests throughout the night. Thankfully, we didn’t pre-order any food in advance, which they suggest you do, because I would’ve been sure they’d mess up our order!

The one word to describe the staff and service level – HECTIC!

Not organised chaos…


CNY and Regular Menu

Being CNY period, they had their Chinese New Year Set menu for selection, ranging from RM 838++ to RM 1,488++.

One of the menu item I have been eyeing was the BBQ Whole Suckling Pig on the RM 998++ menu. There were only 8 of us, and there were no way we could’ve finished the set meal for 10 pax. I was hoping we could order the a la carte dishes, with the BBQ Suckling Pig as one of the dishes. Unfortunately, the captain informed us that that dish was only available with the set menu.

Oh noes…

Extra Super Tanker - Menu

So, we ended up ordering from their regular menu instead.

Interestingly, all their menu, from seasonal set menu to their regular restaurant menu are available for viewing online on their website. Click here to view their full regular menu on their website or for the other seasonal / set menu, here for Damansara branch, and here for Bandar Utama branch.

Extra Super Tanker - Jared mealtime

By that time, we were all hungry. Including my nephew, Jared, who started on his “dinner” before us. 🙂


Food and Pricing

We ordered a bunch of food, from seafood, to meats to vegetables. Mostly from the suggestion of the captain who took our order, instead of referring to the menu.

Extra Super Tanker - Steam Fish
Steam Fish (RM 170)

The fish was good – perfectly cooked and just melts in your mouth. Nice! Although a little too pricey at RM 170 really.

Extra Super Tanker - Salted Egg Yolk Prawn
Fried Crystal Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk (RM 45 in menu, RM 60 in bill)

Anything battered and deep fried in salted egg yolk is delicious! No arguments here. We asked for deshelled prawns but the portion ended up smaller than expected, although priced higher than listed on their menu.

Extra Super Tanker - BBQ Pork
Barbeque “Char Siew” Pork with peanut (RM 60)

The “char siew” was sweet, charred on the skin and fatty and soft in the inside. The interesting twist was that it’s served on top of a bed of crushed peanuts. Which was an interesting combination. Nice and worth it, since Hubby was craving “char siew” that night.

Extra Super Tanker - Beancurd / Tofu
Beancurd / Tofu with minced pork (RM 25)

Tofu – my favourite. This is a nice deep friend tofu with minced meat on top. Nice, soft tofu, which again melts in your mouth. Yum.

Extra Super Tanker - Vegetables
Garlic stir-fry vegetables (RM 35)

This vegetable was recommended to us. As we were eating it, none of us at the table could name the type of vege this is. Garlic fried, clear of crazy seasoning and flavours, it was a nice “bok choy” tasting vegetable. Good greens combination to our dishes that night.

Extra Super Tanker - Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs
Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs (RM 120)

The star dish of the night, was the Spanish Iberico Pork Ribs. Yeah, not just regular pork ribs in this “Chinese” restaurant, but “Spanish” ribs. 🙂

Extra Super Tanker - Plastic gloves for the pork ribs
Plastic gloves for the pork ribs

This dish comes with plastic, disposable gloves for us to eat, so we don’t get our hands all dirty. Interesting….

It was a good dish, the pork ribs. Not blown away, considering I was hankering for the BBQ Whole Suckling Pig and didn’t get it. Still, a good dish and Hubby was happy. Happy, not ecstatic. 🙂

We polished every dish off with steamed white rice, and a plate of Fried Rice for the Hubby.



The whole meal was good and satisfying. The earlier unpleasant feeling with the table and reservation mix up faded away once my tummy was filled.

Extra Super Tanker - Receipt


The whole dinner came up to just under RM 600 for 8 of us. We were tempted to order more dishes, but thankfully, it was just right for everyone – even with some leftovers of fried rice and a pork rib or two.

Would I recommend this restaurant and/or come back again?

While the unpleasant reservation mix up was annoying, the food was actually good. I really wish I could’ve tried their other signature dishes, and that damn BBQ Suckling Pig! Perhaps next time, I will come again and order different dishes to try the other menu items.

While I know many of my friends have likely tried Extra Super Tanker before, let me know, which dish should I try the next time I’m there?


Contact Info:-

Extra Super Tanker (Damansara Main Branch)

48 SS 20/10, Damansara Kim , 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
TEL: 03-7726 7768 / 03-7726 7769, Fax: 03-7726 7782
Website :
Facebook :



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