Eyebrow Embroidery @ Bluunis Mid Valley (Part 1)

One of my all-time most popular blogpost is about my eyebrow embroidery experience with Bluunis. That was about 4 years ago, and it’s about time I go for another trip there to go through the process again.

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What is Eyebrow Embroidery, you ask?

Well, for most Chinese girls like me, I am blessed cursed with very little body hair. This includes my eyebrows, which are so sparse and limited that without the beauty of an invention of eyebrow embroidery, I would have to draw and fill my eyebrows in all the time. Eyebrow embroidery is a beauty process where it’s a semi permanent solution to ink your eyebrows with a needle, manually unlike a permanent tattoo solution.


Where can I get eyebrow embroidery and how much does it cost?


In my last post, I went to Bluunis at Sungei Wang Plaza. I have previously been going there and the branch at Mid Valley over a decade ago.

This time round, considering my previous good experience with the Mid Valley branch, I decided to go back there again for my eyebrow embroidery this time. Bluunis has branches in various cities nationwide, with 12 branches in Klang Valley alone. The other branches includes outlets in Penang, Johor, Melaka and even Singapore.

Eyebrow embroidery is also available with Empro, with 8 branches nationwide in Malaysia. While I have some  friends who have consistently been going to Empro, but occasionally with not quite satisfied results, I have been really happy with the results from Bluunis, and will likely continue to trust them with my eyebrows in future.

Over a decade ago, I used to get my eyebrow embroidery for approximately RM 200. Then the price was increased and the last time I did it 4 years ago, it costs only RM 350. Unfortunately now, the price has increased tremendously. I suppose Bluunis knows that majority of their customers are there only for their eyebrow embroidery service, and they want to introduce customers to their other beauty services like facials, body sculpting, etc.

Bluunis - Brochure

So, this time, the Bluunis Brownaissance eyebrow embroidery cost me a whopping RM 648 but it’s a promotion that comes with a package of 2 free touch-ups, 1X Oxyrapy Spray Face treatment, 1X body treatment (selection of 3 different types of treatments). Yes, very pricey indeed.

For me, I really don’t care for the facial and body treatment. I asked the beautician if I could just go for the eyebrow  embroidery treatment, without their package for the facial and body treatment. Unfortunately, no!

Bluunis Brownaissance - Signup

So, I suck it up, handed her my credit card and paid for the package. Not happy, but I needed to get my eyebrows done!


Eyebrow Embroidery Process

Once the forms were filled and the payment made, I was directed to sit at their high chair where the beautician attending to me started to draw my eyebrows for me.

My beautician in this first session is Lynn.

Bluunis - Draw eyebrow

IMPORTANT : Make sure you’re happy with the shape of the drawn eyebrow before the actual needling starts!

This is the shape that will be used as a guide once the needling process starts. Minor corrections can be done, but the main shape is fixed, limiting your choices to change it later in future touch-up sessions. You can have your beautician correct it and draw your eyebrows again and again, until you’re happy.

Because this is a semi-permanent solution, if you’re not happy with it, you’ll be stuck with this eyebrow for the next few years. After this, you’re brought to their small treatment room, with 2 small single beds on each side.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - Numbing cream

A numbing cream will be applied to your eyebrows. This will be left for about 5 to 10 minutes to take effect. To be honest, I don’t think this works at all. I can still feel the pain when the process starts.

Bluunis - Needle

This is the needle. It’s not quite the best word to describe it, because it’s not a single needle. It’s more like a mini knife. It’s actually a bunch of needles stuck together to form a little blade.

Lynn shows me that this is a fresh, brand new needle from a sealed packet. This is important that you don’t reuse or use an old needle. You know, infection and AIDS and all. They’re always a fresh new needle. Always.

Once the numbing cream took 5 – 10 minutes to work, the process starts.

Bluunis - Embroidery Process

With Bluunis, for the first session, they will usually use a light brown colour ink. Although the colour might fade, or might not be dark enough for you, this leaves room for correction in your next touch up.

The process involved dipping the needle into the ink, then piercing the skin of your eyebrows to transfer the ink just beneath the skin. Much like tattooing, but with henna ink for a lighter, more natural effect.

It feels like being poked by a needle on the same spot again and again.

It’s more annoying than painful, really.

But it can be really unbearable pain for some ladies. I’ve some friends who refused to go through eyebrow embroidery because they cannot stand the pain. Of course, it’s nowhere as painful as actual tattooing, but thankfully I have a rather high pain threshold, so it was alright for me.

In my last post here, I mentioned that it was the eyeliner embroidery that was so painful that I cannot stand. I have a phobia of things in or near my eyes. So eyeliner embroidery is a no-no for me.

Of course, Lynn too the time to shave the stray eyebrows in the middle of the process, to ensure a clean shape in the final result.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery

This is what it looks like in the middle of the process. As the ink is being “poked” into your skin, the beautician wipes away stray ink along the way. Repeat this for both eyebrows again and again.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - After
What it looks like right after it’s done
Bluunis - Cold Pack After
Cream, cotton and ice pack

Once both eyebrows are done, the numbing and healing cream is applied again. For me, apparently, Lynn told me that I was bleeding a little. Eek. Cotton is placed on top of the eyebrow and a cold  pack is applied. I rest like this for another 5 minutes for any redness, bruise or swelling to go down.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - Needle
The needle that’s been “torturing” me

Once done, the needle will be discarded. Bluunis doesn’t keep the needle for future use, or your next touch-up. They use a fresh needle every time. So, no worries.

Bluunis - Left, Right & Both

OK. This looks like a scary picture. But essentially, I wanted to show you guys a close up of my eyebrows, right after the first session with Bluunis.

As you can see, unlike the last time (review here), Bluunis has improved their method for their Brownaissance eyebrow embroidery. Instead of filling the whole eyebrow with colour like the last time, their new method copies the Empro’s style, where the draw tiny lines to look more natural, just like the growth of your real eyebrows.

I like this so much more. It really does look a lot more natural like they were real eyebrows.

Before & After Bluunis Brownaissance Eyebrow Embroidery
Before & After Bluunis Brownaissance Eyebrow Embroidery

Here’s a “Before and After” close up picture of my eyebrows. The redness aside, look how my eyebrows looks darker and more filled in. The new method of drawing natural eyebrow-like lines makes it look more natural than drawing or the traditional make up filling method.


How To Care for your eyebrows

Bluunis beautician will explain to you how to care for your eyebrows in the next few days while it “heals”, which includes food to avoid, how to clean your eyebrows and more.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - After Care

In case you forget, you’re given your appointment card, as well as note on After Care instructions and more.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - Bluunis Calendar
Bluunis 2014 Calendar

Because I had this appointment in January, I also got a free Bluunis 2014 calendar. Yeah!

I got this done at the end of January, just a few days before Chinese New Year. It was worrying for me, initially. Based on my past experience, the healing process was not pleasant. Your eyebrow is essentially “cut” and will start to for a scab. Which means, in a few days, the dead skin will start to peel.

A peeling eyebrow is not attractive but it’s something you’ll need to endure while it heals. However, you’re given a cream to apply on your eyebrow everyday until it heals. The cream will help sooth any bruising, discomfort (tightening skin) and helps with the healing process.

Thankfully though, this time the healing process was rather smooth and there were no unsightly peeling that I would usually be embarrassed about. The dead skin sorta peeled off naturally in tiny bits when I sleep and disappears after I wash my face in the morning. No patchy peels here and there like the last time. Good!

In the next post, I will show you pictures of how my eyebrows look like after a month has passed. And more pictures of my next 2 FREE touch up sessions included in this Bluunis Brownaissance package I bought. After 2 months has passed, both touch ups done, I’ll share the final picture of how it looks like today.

Stay tuned!

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