Eyebrow Embroidery @ Bluunis Mid Valley (Part 2)

This is a follow up post from my highly popular girlie post on my recent eyebrow embroidery experience with Bluunis at Midvalley, which was a follow up post for the same experience in Bluunis at Sg Wang Plaza.

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In case you don’t know what eyebrow embroidery is, it’s a beauty process of filling in your eyebrows with henna ink, using a specialized needle, much like a manual tattoo process. Handy for Chinese girls like me, who’s cursed with sparse eyebrows. This beauty treatment is an amazing invention, reducing the need for me to draw / fill in my eyebrow every morning.

Note : For those who’s read my previous posts on this, I’m risking sounding like a broken record.

And now, back to the update.


Eyebrow Embroidery Touch Up #1

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - After 1st Appointment
What my eyebrows look like from the 1st session

Since my first appointment at Bluunis, Midvalley, I was due for a follow up touch up appointment a month after my first session.

Thankfully, I made the appointment for my Touch Up #1 right after my first appointment. And the beauticians at Bluunis was nice enough to call me with a reminder a couple of days prior to my appointment.

As per the first time, the beautician examined my eyebrows at the front of the house in front of the vanity mirror. Here’s where she uses the eyebrow pencil and fills in any gaps, imbalance and imperfections from my last session.

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - Preparation
Lying on the bed, while the beautician preps

This time round, my beautician’s name is Wenniko.

Once again, I was led into the treatment room, and snapped more selfies of myself while Wenniko starts to prep for the touch up session.

Remember : Bluunis uses a fresh, sealed and new needle every time you go for an eyebrow embroidery session. No recycling your old needles, or God forbid, using someone else’s needle. After the session, the needle is promptly disposed.

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - 001

See the dark brown ink right next to my face?

Here’s where she dips the needle  in ink and pokes it under my skin on my eyebrows to transfer the colour and “fill” my eyebrows in.

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - Embroidery Process

Wenniko proceeded to dip the needle in ink, and start poking the ink into my eyebrows. The feeling of a gazillion red ants biting my eyebrows starts again.

In this first touch up, you’re allowed to ask for any special requests or unhappiness from the first session. Bluunis beautician told me that in the first session, they always use a lighter colour. Before you think you’re being cheated, this is mostly because it leaves more room for improvements and adjustments in your first touch up session.

Chances are, you might have some request here – “Make it darker”, “Make it thicker”, “Give me a mroe prominent arch” and others. The beautician will adjust it here at this first touch up session.

From one eyebrow to another, the process took another 1 hour.

Once both eyebrows are done, I get to have a look at the result to make sure I was happy.

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - Ice pack
Cold pack to reduce the redness and bruising

For most people, the result after this first touch up session should be about complete already. You will likely see the final result of thicker, fuller and darker eyebrows.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery Touch-Up 1 - Before & After
Before and After Touch Up #1 with Bluunis Midvalley

It’s a bit of the lighting at play here, but as you can see from the picture above,  the result after the first session was still a little light for my liking.

After this Touch Up #1 session, I’ve asked the beautician to make my eyebrows darker (she used a stronger mixture of dark brown) and thicker (probably because I tend to overpluck my eyebrows).

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - 002

It’s red and sore right after the appointment, of course. But in 7 days, once it all heals, I should be able to see a better and more accurate result.

Bluunis Touch-Up 1 - Before & After (2 sessions)

Here. More before and after pictures…


Final Touch Up #2

In case you were still unhappy or have some minor adjustments you want to make after 2 sessions with Bluunis Brownaissance eyebrow embroidery session, you have a 2nd touch up session a part of the package.

A month after that first touch up session, I’m back again to Bluunis for my final Touch Up #2.

The same steps again – beautician examines and draws my eyebrows in at the vanity mirror in front of the reception. I tell her my demands, what I want to fix. Once I”m happy with the drawn eyebrows, I’m led to the same treatment room again.

Bluunis Touch-Up 2 - Embroidery Process

I forgot the name of my beautician this time round, but it’s definitely a different person. I noticed I got different beauticians every time. Which, I’m actually fine with.

If you like this particular “workmanship” of this beautician, just take this picture of her above and show it to Bluunis Midvalley and ask for her. Haha.

So I got tortured with the needle again. Somehow, in this last touch up session, it hurts a little bit more. I asked the beautician and she explained that in the final touch up session, they usually go a little deeper and darker with the ink. This is to ensure that the colour stays longer and you get the final result you wanted all along.

Makes sense. The eyebrow embroidery is a semi permanent solution that’s supposed to last you a few years. So, in this final touch up, you and the beautician better make sure you get the eyebrows that you’re happy with.

Bluunis Touch Up 2 - 001
A much bigger cold pack was applied

This last session, I got a much bigger cold pack to soothe the pain. Maybe because it was more painful for me, I likely bled a little and the redness and soreness was quite prominent. Nevertheless, the cold pack was very soothing indeed.

Bluunis Touch-Up 2 - Before & After

I thought after Touch Up #1, my eyebrows were still not dark enough for my liking. So, I got the beautician to go really dark in this Touch Up #2 session.

Perhaps it’s lighting again, but I was really happy with the result when I walk out of this final eyebrow embroidery appointment.



In my last eyebrow embroidery post at Bluunis, Sg Wang many years back, I noticed a lot of people asked for the name of the beautician.

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Everybody has their own preference. Maybe they like the “workmanship” of specific beauticians? Maybe the beautician came highly recommended? Maybe they prefer a friendlier girl?  Whatever your reason is, I am happy to report that I don’t have a preference. Every beautician that served me throughout this experience were all friendly, helpful, professional and good at their work.

I have no complains of wonky eyebrows, patches here and there, bad shaping, too light colouring or any unpleasantness like that.

Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery - Before & After (Final)
Bluunis Eyebrow Embroidery – Before & After embroidery, Touch Up 1 and Touch Up 2

I guess I should show you the final result of my entire experience getting my eyebrow embroidery done with Bluunis at Midvalley branch.

As you can see from the picture above, I am truly impressed with this new process of Bluunis Brownaissance where they create lines on your eyebrow to make it look like actual hairlines of your eyebrow, rather than the older technique of just filling your eyebrow with colour.

The progress is quite significant. My eyebrow looks significantly reddish brown after years from my session at Bluunis Sg Wang (Top pic). When I went to the Midvalley branch, I got the colour darker and more naturally matching my hair colour (Centre pic).

Then, after the first touch up (Bottom pic), it was better and the colour darker and eyebrows thicker. After the final touch up session, I have darker, fuller and more natural looking eyebrows. Now, I don’t have to draw my eyebrows in every morning!

How was the experience compared to my last one years ago at Bluunis Sg Wang?

Personally, I much prefer the beautician and workmanship in the Bluunis Midvalley branch.

The beauticians are much more practiced and experienced. They do good work and really take the effort to correct your eyebrows based on your feedback. The healing process was better than my last Sg Wang branch experience. There were almost no major, unsightly peeling in the days after the appointment, unlike the last time.

Bluunis Touch Up 2 - 002

Now, a couple of months after the 3 sessions of eyebrow embroidery with Bluunis Midvalley, I am very happy with the result. The colour was perfect, lines only visible up close and it looks really natural.

If you’re looking to get your eyebrows done, I would highly recommend going to Bluunis for this procedure. They’ve been in the business of eyebrow embroiodery for years. They have the exxperience. I would then recommend, if you an, to go to this Midvalley branch instead of the Sg Wang branch. The beauticians here are much better, too.

Bluunis have also recently opened a new branch in Avenue K, opposite KLCC. While I initially wanted to check that branch out, hoping they might have a “Grand Opening” promotional offer, I held back. I was afraid that the staff could be new and I might regret going to an inexperienced beautician.

However, The Midvalley beauticians assured me that they don’t hire and train new staff in the new branch. In fact, they transfer their experienced and senior staff over to the new branch instead. So, I guess I should be less worried. But still… I’m not that confident.

If any readers out there tried the new Avenue K branch, or had a different experience than mine with the Midvalley vs Sg Wang branch or any of their other branches, let me know in the comments.


For more information about their services, locations and contact details, check out Bluunis website at http://www.bluunis.com/brandsite/main.html and follow their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/bluunis-the-ultimate-impressionist/190118684621 

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