Restaurant Review : Fatboy’s @ Avenue K

Burger. Burgers. Burgers.

I have to say that the burger fad sweeping the city of KL is never ending these days. From MyBurgerLab to Burgertory to BurgerJunkyard to Fatboy’s, I can no longer keep track of all the burger joints that has opened all over Klang Valley.

To be honest, I am not much of a burger fan. I almost never crave for a burger. Mostly because I’m not a fan of bread, or dough of any kind. Believe it or not, I don’t like pizza as well. ūüėõ

Still, I noticed that since the opening of H&M at Avenue K, the once dead shopping mall has gone through some sort of revival of late. It’s now getting a little more occupied with more well known fashion stores and a bunch of F&B outlets from the basement floors to the top floor. Either the management of Avenue K has reduced their lease prices, or retailers capitalising on the real estate proximity to the popular KLCC and foot traffic generated from H&M at the Ground Floor? I dunno.

Since hearing about a number of new restaurants and eateries opening up at Avenue K, and Hubby being a big fan of Fatboy’s at Publika, dragged me over there one day after work and pestered me into having burger at Fatboy’s.



Opened since December 2013, Fatboy’s The Burger Bar in Avenue K is much like the outlet in Publika, except inside the mall, rather than outside like the Publika branch.

Fatboy's Avenue K - Ambiance

Located at the 3rd Floor of Avenue K, the restaurant¬†maintained the same look and feel of a modern American burger joint. With black and white wallpaper featuring robots and witty creatures adorning the wall, there’s a black and white graffiti feel to it.

The seating area is covered in more black and white colour theme, with a dash of red accent, as per their logo of a…. err… fat boy.

Minimalist, simple, yet friendly.

The weekday I was there for dinner, the place was almost empty. We were the only two there and when we were leaving, we only spotted another 2 guys there for takeaway.

Oh dear. I sincerely hope that it’s because not many have heard of this place yet, or perhaps, it’s only filled with lunch time crowd. Especially because it’s mostly surrounded by KLCC and offices smack in the city centre.


Food Menu & Pricing

Menu is quite straight forward. It’s plastered on its walls. You get to see the long list of different burgers that you can choose. Highlighting their Specialty Burgers from great towers of a burger to more manageable sized burgers.

Fatboy's Avenue K 001

This includes funny cartoon icons of the different types of eats of the burger – from chicken to lamb to beef to vegetarian to pork.

Oh yes – the burger joint is non-halal.

Burgers are priced ranging from RM 16 (The Elvis) to RM 29 (Fat Basterd). All burgers also comes with a side of fries. You can specify the done-ness of the patty, but by default, they’re cooked Medium Well.

There are other items on their menu as well, from Caesar Salad (RM 17) to Fish and Chips (RM 19), as well as hot dogs and a bunch of American diner style appetizers like Soup Of The Day (RM 8), Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (RM 11), Buffalo Wings (RM 13) and more.

Fatboy's Avenue K 002

In case their extensive menu of Specialty Burger is not the right choice for you, you can also make your own burger by picking and choosing your own everything. From selecting the bun, to the patty to the fillings and sauces.

These “make your own burgers” also comes with a side of fries.


The Burgers

Fatboy's Avenue K 006
Wimpy (RM 19)

I had the Wimpy (RM 19) because I am wimpy. Haha.

Seriously though. The Wimpy burger I chose is pork patty with streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg and homemade Fatboys BBQ on sesame bun.

Fatboy's Avenue K 004
Bleu Peppercorn (RM 18)

Hubby had the Bleu Peppercorn (RM 18) with beef patty coated in crushed black pepper, topped with crispy onion ring and blue cheese dressing on sesame bun.

On picture, it might not look that great. Maybe it’s me.

But Hubby really enjoyed his burger. He gobbled the whole thing down so fast, while still managing to stop between the bites to narrate how delicious it is.

While me, not so much. As I said, because I’m not a huge fan of burgers, it takes a really delicious burger to make me swoon compliments throughout the meal.

Note : The only good burger that I can honestly say I enjoyed is from Burgertory. The only other burger joint I visited awhile back with the family.

Fatboy's Avenue K 005
Smoked Bacon Sausages (RM 15)

I did, however, ordered a side of the¬†Smoked Bacon Sausages (RM 15) which were actually rather delicious. What’s not to love about porky sausages.

I finished the sausages, which were quite a huge portion, really. And didn’t manage half my burger. ūüė¶



Fatboy's Avenue K 003

Hubby has gladly been back to Fatboy’s multiple times. Both the one here at Avenue K, as well as the one n Publika.

I am happy for him to go get his burger fix on his own or with his friends. I really don’t need to be dragged along to eat something I don’t particularly enjoy.

Perhaps, I just need to visit a burger joint with a burger that I truly love to change my mind about burgers. I do have fond memories of the pork burger I had at Burgertory, though. Just too bad it”s all the way in Subang and I don’t get many chances of eating all the way on the other side of town.

I also have not tried MyBurgerLab with their famous charcoal bun ¬†that everyone seem to be raving on about. Perhaps because I hear there’s always a queue (meaning it’s THAT good) and I don’t queue!

What say you? Any awesome burger joints I MUST try?


Fatboy’s¬†The Burger Bar (Avenue K)

L3-8, Level 3, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel :  +60 (3) 2181 2559

Opening Hourse : Mon – Sun 11 am – 11 pm

Facebook Page :

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