5th Annual Havana Halloween Costume Party 2014

I can’t believe it. It’s my FIFTH YEAR hosting the Havana Halloween Costume Party.

And every year it gets better and better.

Havana 5th Annual Halloween Party (FB Events)

This year, I didn’t promote the party as hard as I did in previous years. I didn’t even publish a blogpost like I normally did in previous years like these

Still, Halloween came and went on 31 October 2014, conveniently on a Friday this year, which made it perfect for a lot of people to dress up for hard partying over the weekend. With the Facebook Event page up at https://www.facebook.com/events/552751411521667/ and hundreds of shares, invites and other sub-events (*ahem* Likemind Malaysia *ahem*).


Official Party Pictures from Havana KL

Pictures are finally up on Havana KL’s Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/havanakl and the Album link is HERE.

[fbalbum url=”https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152810243994494.1073741841.212585769493″%5D

Note : Thanks to David Wong (Jeddi images) again for the amazing pictures he took that night, which was live fed to the TV screens in the club upstairs, showcasing all these amazing people and their costumes.


Best Dressed goes to…

Once again, majority of the guests are in full costume. Even without costume, most people came along in the spirit of Halloween, with a mask, a bloody shirt, or something.

Just like last year(s), Best Dressed Costume Winner of the night goes home with RM 1000 in COLD HARD CASH!!! Second prize gets RM 500 in cash and 3rd place gets a bottle of Absolut Vodka.

Because of the crazy crowd, it was difficult to get a good view of every costume in da house, shortlist the nominees and judge the Best Dressed costume for the night. Nevertheless, with much difficulty, the winners were crowned.

5th Annual Havana Halloween Costume Party
Best Dressed winners (*Image Source : Havana KL Facebook Page)

Best Dressed Costume went to Mad Hatter (left), while 2nd place was Headless Lady (right) and 3rd surprise winner was “Belle Belle” aka bloody face with knife in Annabelle doll. Creepy!

As I moved around the crowd that night, I spotted a few interesting costumes from guests downstairs, who either didn’t or couldn’t make it upstairs to participate in the Best Dressed contest. What a shame!

Here are some of my favourites. Thankfully, captured by our skillful photographer.

And as usual, thanks to the Gorgeous Divas for being fabulous with your costumes, mingling and performing for the guests.


My Halloween costume this year

So, what did yours truly, the hostess come as this year?

Me and Hubby’s couples costume

We realized not a lot of people got our characters.

To be honest, the movie was almost 2 decades ago. So only the older people (or the ironic hipsters) got it. I had people calling me Carrot Top (pffttt), I had people scratching their heads but most people just didn’t know and didn’t bother guessing.

Even with my DIY “Leeloo Dallas Multi Pass”, a lot of people didn’t get it.

Yup! We came as Leeloo Dallas (Milla Jovovich) and Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) from Fifth Element.

Except… of course… we were the much chubbier versions. 😦

All throughout the night, even with me walking around and through the crowd, I had a total of 5 person come up to me and recognised my character!

Sad… 😦

Next year, I’ll go back to a more recognisable character or perhaps a scary costume again.


Best Turnout Ever!

The turnout gets better every year. Last year, I believe we likely hit the thousands in guests coming and going throughout the night, just upstairs alone. It was packed! And most guests were in costume. Yeah – those costume ideas get better every year, too.

See Also : Another successful year of 2013 Havana Halloween Costume Party

I expected turnout to be better this year as well. Planning the activities and performances for the night tend to get challenging, when we have to maneuver around the crowd. But I never once thought that the  crowd would be so crazy.

At around 11pm -ish, the club upstairs got really crowded. At capacity, in fact. So much so, that the door bitch, bouncers and managers downstairs had to stop the guests from going up. There were multiple rounds of pauses from 10 to 30 minutes long, to allow the crowd upstairs to subside before we can get the queue of people moving up.

Whether you’re paying (for no costume, first drink entry) or buying bottles for a group of friends, there was no room to move upstairs at all.

2014 Havana Halloween - Crowd

I had a crazy difficult time moving around the place, coordinating the agenda and the performers as well. It was crazy!

The unfortunate and negative thing about the crazy amount of people, was that a lot of people couldn’t get in upstairs to join the party. Some had friends upstairs but couldn’t get up to join them as they got there late and it was packed. Some came down to use the toilet and couldn’t get back up. Some got in but got pushed and shoved so much, they decided to abandon the party. Some got upstairs but didn’t get served.

In one hand, it was the best turnout and biggest amount of crowd I have ever seen at Havana, and definitely the biggest of all the 5 Halloween parties I’ve ever co-hosted. I’m overwhelmingly happy that the party is so huge  now…

On the other hand, there were a lot of unhappy people due to the crazy crowd.

Me, and on behalf of the management of Havana KL, would like to apologise for this. We’re getting on the drawing board to plan for a better party next time. So sorry, guys.

For those who managed to stay upstairs, dancing and partying the night away – I hope you all had amazing fun. I know I did!

Once again, thank you to everyone who came to make my 5th Annual Havana Halloween Costume Party another major major success!!! Here’s to another one next year!!!


Thanks to the management of Havana KL for co-hosting the Annual Halloween Costume Party 2014 with me again!!!

If you want to be notified of future parties and events, check out Havana KL website at http://havanakl.com/ and *LIKE* the Havana KL Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/havanakl

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