Super Bowl 2015 – Katy Perry’s Halftime Show (and them Sharks)

Last Sunday night in US (aka Monday morning in Malaysia), the Americans witnessed the biggest sporting event of the year – the Super Bowl XLIX 2015. The major American football event was the final battle between the Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots.

Now, I’m not an American football fan at all. To be honest, I don’t understand American football at all. So, understandably, I wasn’t out in the wee hours of a public holiday to go watch the game live at the pub.

Then, there is the halftime show.

In previous years, there were some  memorable halftime performances, which is more of a mini concert for some great performers.

From Super Bowl 2004, where Janet Jackson had a “wardrobe malfunction” in her performance with Justin Timberlake…

Madonna’s performance in Super Bowl 2012…

Beyonce’s crazy performance in last year’s Super Bowl 2013, that sparked a bunch of memes of unflattering pictures circulating the interwebz.

This year, there were equally as much hype when the performer was revealed to be Katy Perry, along with some potential mystery guests. Like they always do every year.

Because I didn’t watch the performance live, my social media feed were quickly filling with a lot of news about her performance . There was no doubt that Super Bowl halftime shows tend to be huge in production values. They spared no expenses with set designs, crazy choreography, costumes etc. It’s like a mini concert, really.


Katy Perry’s Halftime Performance, and them dancing sharks

Then I read stories like Katy Perry’s Sharks Were The Best Part Of The Super Bowl as well as ‘Left Shark’ steals Super Bowl 2015 as Katy Perry is upstaged by her out-of-time support dancer where everyone seems to be talking about the guy in the shark costume.

Head to 4:32 for the beach theme “Teenage Dream” performance where the infamous sharks make an appearance.

I know everyone was talking about the Left Shark forgetting his moves, but I am way more fascinated with the Right Shark performing the right moves. The choreography and the costume is hilarious!!! I couldn’t stop laughing… and tearing… Dancing AND SINGING sharks…

Some guy was even quick enough to ride on the viral story,  and released a flip book of said dancing shark.

I’ve now watched the video a few times now, for that same bit, of the dancing sharks. and laughed again and again.


A friend of mine said it best…

Andy FB


Hahah. Awesome!

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