Microsoft Surface 3 On Sale in Malaysia from 9 May 2015

*This is a sponsored post by Microsoft Malaysia*

As anticipated, Microsoft Malaysia has officially launched the Microsoft Surface 3 – the tablet that can replace your laptop – at a media & partners event at The Bee, Publika on 5 May 2015.

MYSurface3 Launch - Presso
Media & Microsoft partners at the launch, presented by K. Raman (Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia) & Rukmani Subramanian (Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia)

We were introduced to the newly appointed Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia, K. Raman who welcomed the guests. He spoke about Microsoft’s commitment to the mobility of Surface line of products that merged the best of tablets and laptops, as well as the innovation of cloud computing. Then, Micorosoft Malaysia’s Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Rukmani Subramanian took the stage to introduce the features and walkthrough of the Surface 3.

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As a recap, the Microsoft Surface 3 is somewhat the 3rd generation successor for the Microsoft Surface RT tablet / laptop hybrid. This new Surface 3, is redesigned as the thinnest and lightest Surface yet, as a younger brother to the professional Surface Pro 3.

The Surface 3 is more than a tablet. It’s the portability of a tablet, that can run full Windows software – that’s is equipped & powerful enough to replace your laptop, and comes with a great Pen experience.

At the event, guests were gifted with personalised mugs with our names.

Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch - Personalised mug
Personalised mugs for guests
Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch - Personalised mug
Winnie LOVES Surface

But I digress….


The Difference Between the Surface Models

Microsoft Surface 3
Microsoft Surface 3

I noticed some confusion in the market on the various models, especially among those who’s not too familiar with the latest devices in the market. There were some debates on my Google+ Page post here. Let me try to clear it up here.

Microsoft released Surface Pro and Surface RT series of tablet / laptop hybrids.

There’s Surface Pro series. This is more of a laptop in a tablet form factor. It can run full Windows desktop apps, as well as the touchscreen based Windows app. This is essentially for working professionals who wish to have a powerful laptop-like device, but wants the portabilty of a tablet, with a detachable keyboard. The current model is the 3rd generation, Surface Pro 3  (review coming soon).

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Then, there’s Surface RT series which is more of a tablet. Although it has a desktop mode, you can’t install and run full Windows desktop softwares. You can only run Windows apps, available in their app Store, optimised for touch based tablets. There’s been 2 generations of Surface RT now, but they’re both discontinued now, although you’d likely still be able to buy them in some retailers trying to clear their stock.

The new generation of light version of the professional Surface Pro 3 is this newly announced Surface 3.

As mentioned in my previous post here, the Surface 3 is essentially a thinner and lighter version of the Surface Pro 3, in multiple factors.

Microsoft Surface 3
Demo station of multiple Surface 3 at the Malaysia launch

As highlighted in the event, here are the key differentiator of the Surface 3 versus the Surface Pro 3:-

  • Screen Size – Surface 3 has a 10.8″ (1920 X 1080) display, vs 12″ (2160 X 1440) display on Surface Pro 3
  • Powered by different processors – Surface 3 is powered by the latest Quad Core Intel Atom x7 processor (usually equipped in tablets) while the Surface Pro 3 houses the 4th Gen Intel Core-i processors (usual for laptops)
  • Kickstand positions – Surface 3 has 3 position kickstand; while the Surface Pro 3 has a mor flexible kickstand for any angle
  • Docking Station – turn the tablet / laptop hybrid into a full blown desktop PC. Docks in with full Ethernet port (for wired internet connections) and more USB ports
  • Bundled extras
    • Surface Pen – uses the same Pen for both Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3, but it’s sold separately with Surface 3 (RRP RM 189) but is included in Surface Pro 3
    • MS Office Software – while both runs Windows desktop softwares, the Surface 3 comes with a Limited Time Offer of 1 year subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Personal (worth RM 189.99) + OneDrive cloud storage
Surface 3 - Docking Station
Surface 3 Docking Station


Microsoft Surface 3 Influencers


The Surface 3 is targeted at 2 distinct audiences – Students & Young (Mobile) Professionals.

MYSurface3 Launch - At Home & Work

Other than the demo and feature highlights of the device, the event venue also featured 2 distnct home and office setups to showcase real users and their uses of the Surface 3. Guests were given a walkthrough of different usage and features that appeal to real Surface 3 “Influencers” aka users.

The students likes that the device can bring them from Play (they were playing Halo on the Surface, connecting it to the TV using the miniDisplay Port), then switching to Windows Snap split screen function to work on their college assignments. The working professionals enjoy the personalisation option of the accesories and portabilty of the Surface 3 that can be mounted to the Docking Station when back at the desk for full desktop experience.

MYSurface3 Launch - Influencers

From young professionals like Poh Huai Bin, IT Consultant (aka and Careen Tan, Online Fashion Boutique Owner; to students Teoh Jian Sheng and Ameer Asyraf. Each Influencer shared their personal experience and favourite feature of the Surface 3.


While I got my hands on an early review unit of Surface 3 not too long ago, I have to agree with the mobile professionals point-of-view. I love the portability of the Surface 3 as a tablet, and how it’s powerful enough for real work as a laptop. More on my full review coming soon.


ON SALE nationwide beginning 9 May 2015

Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch
Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch

Since the pre-order of the Surface 3 started last month, it’s now officially launched in Malaysia and you can get your hands on one!!!

The Surface 3 will be ON SALE NATIONWIDE in Malaysia starting this Saturday, 9 May 2015 onwards,  at a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) starting from RM 1,989 (2GB RAM, 64 GB storage version) and RM 2,389 (4GB RAM, 128 GB storage version).

Malaysians can now purchase the unit throughout the country at multiple retailers like Harvey Norman, SenHeng Electric, senQ Digital Station, All IT Hypermarket and more as listed here at

Apart from Malaysia, Surface 3 will available in 26 markets around the world by May 7.


… along with these 4 official accessories

  • Surface 3 Type Cover (RM 479) – comes in black, bright blue and red colors in Malaysian market; and features an improved trackpad, responsive keyset for fast, accurate typing, and a double-fold hinge for increased lap stability.
  • Surface Pen (RM 189) – The pen experience remains one of the best-received features of Surface Pro 3. It enables annotation of documents, utilization of OneNote and highly accurate writing and drawing. This is an essential feature of the device, and so the Surface Pro 3 pen experience was also made available to the Surface 3. Like the Type Cover, there are four vibrant Surface Pen colors — silver, black, blue and red.
  • Surface 3 Docking Station (RM 769) – lets people easily connect to an external monitor, wired internet connection and a variety of other peripherals.
  • Surface 3 Screen Protector (RM 179) – tempered-glass screen protector designed for maximum clarity and an optimal touch and pen experience. At just 0.5 mm thin, you can protect your Surface from bumps and scratches while enjoying an uncompromised Surface Pen experience.
Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch
Red coloured Type Cover for Surface 3 on display

Of course, I spotted the RED coloured Type Cover on display at the Surface 3 demo stations at the event and paused to drool over it for a few minutes. I WANT!!!!!

Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysia Launch
Quiz Winner walks home with a unit of Surface 3 at the Malaysian launch

There was a 15-question Quiz for guests at the event, with the winner walking away with one of the first units of Surface 3 in the world!!! Unlucky me, I didn’t win one. 😦

For more information, check out Microsoft Surface 3 Malaysian website at, buy from Microsoft Malaysia authorised retailers at and *LIKE* Microsoft Malaysia’s Facebook Page at

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