Restaurant Review : Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen @ Bangsar

Southern Rock Seafood wasn’t previously a known name, because it was just a wholesale fishmonger who supplies seafood to some of the F&B outlets in town. When I read the review of Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen on EatDrinkKL here sometime back, I got to know a bit about the background of the place.

The owner of Southern Rock Seafood (SRS) Wholesaler (who also owns Shucked Oyster Bars, there’s one in Gardens MidValley) collaborated with the owner of Magnificent Fish & Chips Shop @ Changkat Bukit Bintang to open the SRS Kitchen at the space next door. Thus, from a humble wholesale fishmonger, it’s now a fresh seafood restaurant, right in Bangsar.

I’m a major lover of seafood, way more than I do meats. So affter reading about the review, plus knowing Paul James, Chippy’s owner, I started pestering my husband to go. You try reading this review and looking at the pictures here and tell me you’re not drooling?


Where Is It?


Southern Rock Seafood 010

Southern Rock Seafood (SRS) Kitchen is located on Jalan Kemuja in Bangsar. Not initially knowing where it is in Bangsar, the usual questions came up.

“Is it near Telawi side?”

“Is it at Jalan Bangkung side?”

“Closer to BSC side?”

Only when we did a quick Google Maps check, did we realise that Jalan Kemuja is actually the road behind the Bangsar LRT station / Wisma UOA. If you’re familiar, it’s the same row from Fierce Curry House. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the Volkswagen showroom side of Bangsar. 🙂



It took us a week’s notice to make a table reservation for 7 of us on a Saturday night.

Southern Rock Seafood 009

The design and decor in SRS Kitchen is rather minimalistic, nautical themed. You get very clean white and bare reclaimed wood finishings. Giant wall on the left of reclaimed wood with a swishy SRS logo hand painted in blue. Decor includes hand paintings of fishes, fish traps and minimalistic furniture.

It’s casual seafood dining, which I really like…


Menu & Pricing

SRS Kitchen has quite a wide selection of seafood appetisers on their menu – from sashimi style fresh cuts of fish, to fresh oysters to salads and more. After some recommendations from the owner and manager on duty, we ordered a few assortments to share.

Southern Rock Seafood 005
Southern Rock Fish Popcorn (RM 20)

An interesting 100% fish ball ingredient, deep fried into a seafood ball. Nice and fresh and delicious. Will order again.

Southern Rock Seafood 002
Smoked Ocean Trout on Toast (RM 20)

Carpaccio of fish sashimi on toast, ala bruschetta style. Very fresh.

Southern Rock Seafood 003
Tasmanian Ocean Trout Sashimi (RM 36 / 100g)

I ordered this almost exclusively for myself, fresh shashimi served with soy sauce and wasabi. Was craving good sashimi and this did not disappoint. It was so smooth and silky on my tongue and melts in my mouth. The other sashimi on the menu includes Atlantic Salmon (RM25 / 100g) or Fresh Canadian Scallops (RM 28 / 70g).

Southern Rock Seafood 004
Salad of Grilled Artichokes, with fried tomatoes & cherry mozzarella (RM 20)

Not a huge fan of artichokes, personally. I’ve had disappointing artichokes many a times in the past, so have learned to just avoid it altogether to avoid further disappointments. This one, was not chewy ,though. The sundried-ish tomatoes and cheese balanced off the flavours nicely.

There were many other interesting appetisers that we didn’t manage to try that night, which I made a mental note to try next time I’m there. From Salmon Tartar, with Wasabi Dressing (RM 32), Gin Cured Ocean Trout, with soft poached egg and seaweed focaccia (RM 28) and Smoked Salmon with ruffled eggs, on toasted Vienna bread (RM 30).


Fine fresh oysters

Of course, one of the biggest highlight on the SRS Kitchen menu, is their wide, full page selection of fresh oysters.

The manager on duty was at hand to introduce and explain to the group the different varieties of oysters on the menu. From the taste to the size to the grades, there are so much to oyster appreciation that I didn’t know about.

Personally, I’m not a fan of oysters. My group of dinner companions were really excited and drooling to sample as many fresh oysters as they can, so we ordered a variety of them.

Southern Rock Seafood 001
Different types of fresh oysters, ranging from RM 26 to RM 60 for 3 pcs

SRS has a wide selection of fresh fine oysters, shucked right in front of you, in 3 pieces, half a dozen (6 pcs) or a dozen (12 pcs) orders.

Fresh fine oysters from around the European seas – from Traggeana Bay, Ireland (RM 26 / 3 pcs) to West Mersea, England (RM 33 / 3 pcs) to Loch Ryan Native, Scotland (RM 50 / 3 pcs) to Fine de Claire, France (RM 40 / 3 pcs) to the priciest Belon Native, Netherlands (RM 60 / 3 pcs). You can also opt for a dozen (12 pcs) of these oysters, which may vary due to seasonal availability.

If you’d like to sample platters with a mix of several different types of fresh oysters, SRS Kitchen has several options, ranging from RM 35 to RM 60 for 3 pcs of different oysters, instead of ordering 3 pcs of the same. You can also choose mixes of half a dozen or The Kitchen Dozen (12 pcs) for RM 160.

Yes, oysters are an expensive delicacy. But after 2 dozens of oysters sampled, from different types and price range, my group was happily licking their lips from the fine appetisers.

SRS Kitchen also offers a selection of cooked oysters on their menu,  3 pcs freshly shucked oysters (RM 35) grilled with your choice of topping, from Oysters Florentine (Spinach & Parmesan), Oysters with Cheese (Shredded Cheddar) or Oriental Oysters (Soya sauce, chilli padi, Ginger). The last one sounds interesting enough for me to make a mental note to try next time. Considering I’m not a fan of freshed oysters, but is a fan of the local version of O Chien (fried oysters omelette), I might like their cooked oysters variety?

We were also recommended to try their Oyster Shooters (RM 15 / shot or RM 75 / 6 shots) of SRS Kitchen Bloody Mary Shot with freshly shucked oysters. Maybe next time.


Main Course

After satisfying everyone’s palate with great appertisers, we moved on to main courses of… you guessed it…. fish.

SRS Kitchen has a good selection of fresh seafood main courses, from Soups / Chowders to Fish Cakes, Mussles and Grilled Fish. Other than menu items, there is a blackboard at the back of the restaurant, towards their kitchen, advertising their Fresh Catches of the Day. Majority of the group went for the specials, which on the day included Grilled Seabass (RM 56), Grilled Alfonsino (RM 58) and Grilled John Dory (RM 88).

Southern Rock Seafood 007
Grilled Alfonsino, with roasted veges and grilled polenta (RM 58)
Southern Rock Seafood 008
Grilled Ocean Trout, with Mediterranean vegetables and potato wedges (RM 48)
Southern Rock Seafood 006
Grilled John Dory, with game chips and chilli butter (RM 88)

All grilled fish, whether on the menu or on the Catch of the Day board, comes with recommended sides, but you can choose to change them. You can also order additional sides such as Crushed New Potatoes, SRS Potato Wedges or Dressed Steam Brocolli (all RM 12 each).

Note : I have to apologise if I got the grilled fishes and their sides wrong.  There were so many dishes on the table, and everyone pretty much customised their sides, so it was tough to keep track.

Other main courses that intrigued me, that we didn’t get to try includes Angel Hair Baked Salmon, with rich tomato sauce (RM 28). I love seafood pasta, but loathe tomato sauce based pasta, so I skipped this one. Would’ve loved to see some nice aglio olio or white wine sauce based seafood pasta, though. Simple sauces always brings out the freshness of seafood in a pasta dish, in my opinion.

SRS Fish Cake (RM 32) is a 150g grilled fish and potato with rich tomato sauce, which made me wonder how fish cake can be made into a main course.

Mussels in Laksa (RM 48) (*Source : SRS Facebook Page)

Mussels (RM 48 for one / RM 78 for two) were recommended by the owners and other reviews I’ve read. Mostly because you get a choice of it being served in Cream and White Wine sauce (which brings out the freshness of the mussels, Tomato and Basil or Laksa broth (interesting local twist to mussels).

We did order some desserts after, which only included a small selection of Mixed Berries (RM 22), Salted Caramel Fudge Brownnie (RM 20) or Cake of the day (RM 20), but I didn’t manage to snap any pictures.

Also, you get to pair all these delicious seafood down with a good selection of wines – from red to white to sparkling / champagne – to beers and liquors and non-alcoholic drinks like juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea and more.



If you’re a fresh oyster lover, it’s really a no-brainer for you to check out Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen. You can, of course, head to Shucked Oysters which belongs to one of SRS’s owner, but hey – this place is the fishmonger wholesale source. It’s way fresher over here.

Fresh Oysters (*Source : SRS Facebook Page)

If you are looking for a place to have amazing, fresh seafood, you need to check this place out, for sure.

As a seafood lover, after pestering Hubby to come here for awhile now, I am truly glad I finally got to sample the food here at Southern Rock Seafood. Although I didn’t get a chance to try a lot of the interesting dishes on the menu, I do plan to make another trip here again.

The only downside though, is that I wish there were other seafood dishes on the menu. My usual go to, or favourite seafoods, like cod fish, snow crabs legs, caviar, steamed clam (I love my lala), lobster pasta, etc. Perhaps, over time, these dishes will make an appearance on the blackboard for their “Fresh Catch of the Day” or better yet – a permanent resident on their menu.

Nevertheless, as a seafood lover, I would happily recommend this place if you’re looking for fresh, Western style, seafood restaurant in town to check out.

Maybe even call me along?


Contact Info:-

Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen
Add : 32-34 Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel : +60 (3) 2856 2016
Website :
Facebook :


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