Uber Malaysia Launches Momentum Partner Driver Rewards Program

If you live in Kuala Lumpur (or Penang) you’d likely heard of Uber. It’s a smartphone app service that allows you to order a “private driver” from US that’s now available in over 300+ cities worldwide.

If you haven’t heard or tried Uber, you can check out my previous write up on their service and my ride experience with them here. Since the official launch of Uber KL, the service has gone through a lot – from regulatory issues to Uber Penang launch to introducing different tiers of service to  partnering with multiple other brands for promotions.

Uber KL Cars

Today, for Uber KL, you get 3 types of car services to choose from – UberLUX (high end luxury cars like BMW 5 series), UberBLACK (sedans like Camry, Accord) and UberX (city cars like MyVi, Proton). While the UberLUX and UberBLACK service are usually limousine service fleet drivers (usually fregulated) making extra money in their spare time, UberX are regular people like you and me with a personal car, who’d like to make some money being an Uber driver.

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Now. I will be happy to engage in a healthy debate with you on the SPAD and government’s issue with regulating Uber (specifically UberX) to protect our “beloved” regulated taxi drivers. You can read some interesting pieces here, here, here or here. But, I don’t want to get into it here.

Amidst all controversy, business goes on and Uber Malaysia is aggressive in their recruitment exercise to sign on as many Uber drivers as they can. It’s a game of supply and demand, really. The more people are using Uber to book a ride, the more drivers and cars they need on the road. By the looks of it, Malaysian are very open to embracing Uber’s on-demand transportation service, on top of the taxi offerings today.


Launch of Momentum

Last week, I attended just one of these recruitment programs by Uber Malaysia. Uber launched Momentum – an Uber driver partner loyalty program which was implemented successfully in US and UK and now is here in Malaysia.

Thanks to Uber KL, guests were treated to complimentary Uber rides to and from the event. Going there, I was picked up in an UberBLACK’s Toyota Innova MPV. One big car for my lonesome self.

Super late, but (also) in my @uber_my ride heading to the #ubermomentum launch. 😜

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


I’ve personally taken quite a number of Uber rides already, especially to locations and venues where parking is difficult or times when I don’t have my car or feel like driving. I’m an UberBLACK lover, preferring to ride in better comfort of a sedan, coz I’m spoilt like that. But I have to say, there are usually almost always more UberX cars available.

After arriving super late to the event, I still managed to get more info and speak to Uber officials and their partners on this program. *phew*

Uber Malaysia - Momentum Launch
Leon Foong, General Manager of Uber Malaysia unveiling the details of Momentum, a loyalty and perk program delivering business and lifestyle rewards to Uber partner drivers


What is Momentum?

Uber Momentum

Essentially, as an Uber driver, you’ll be your own boss. You signup to be an Uber driver, go through the application, interview and background checks (criminal records, traffic summons, etc). Once approved and accepted, you download the Uber driver app. Tturn it on when you want to, accept rides when you want to, and make money at your spare time with your own car when you want to.

To help out with this, as an Uber partner driver, Momentum is a program that will help give you rewards, discounts and freebies, just like you’d get perks and benefits in a full time employment.

Momentum aims to reward different Uber partner drivers – whether new or veteran, part-time vs. full-time, UberX vs. UberBLACK partner drivers. The program will also introduce 3 different loyalty tiers, from General Rewards, Achievement Rewards and MyUberHero Rewards.

Uber Momentum - General Rewards
Uber Momentum – General Rewards

Momentum program will begin this 1 July 2015, and Uber partner drivers will get to enjoy Momentum General Rewards for car maintenance (eg, Lim Tayar, Cars International), Shopping (eg, Lazada, ZALORA, HappyFresh) and Lifestyle (eg, Jabra, Chatime) and more to come.

Uber Momentum - Achievement Rewards
Uber Momentum – Achievement Rewards

Momentum Achievement Rewards will include rewarding Uber partner drivers with badges for different achievements like clocking more rides, working at peak hours, receive high ratings from riders (aka customers) and more.

Uber Malaysia - Momentum Launch
Uber team with their Partner Drivers and their Momentum Rewards Partners at the launch of Momentum in Kuala Lumpur

MyUberHero has little details now, but aims to reward exceptional Uber partner drivers that goes above and beyond their call of duty, and sets a good example for other partners.

This is just the start of many more rewards to come for the Momentum program. And it’s great to see Uber Malaysia offering this to sweeten the deal and reward their drivers.

Uber Malaysia - Momentum Launch

Uber Partner Drivers can access their details on http://www.momentummalaysia.com/ with the smartphone app (iOS and Android) launching soon when the Momentum program starts on 1 July 2015.

After the event, I headed back home with another Uber ride, this time UberX’s Proton Iriz.

Back with another complimentary @uber_my ride, from the #ubermomentum event. A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


As expected, my Uber driver was courteous and accommodating. He stopped at the wrong side of the road when he picked me up, but politely made a detour on a massive one-way street to come get me at the other side of the road where I was waiting. So nice of him.

Marketing jargon and PR speak aside, the Uber Momentum program, although the start of more to come, is a good idea to reward the drivers with different perks and benefits. A brief check on the rewards in US and UK noted that there are discounts and offers for mobile plans as well (to ease call and data charges of drivers using the Uber app) and more car maintenance discounts (their car is their main asset, after all), and I think this is heading in the right direction.


Become an Uber partner driver or Try an Uber ride

If you’re interested to make some extra money in your spare time – college students, freelancers, retirees – and you have a personal car, you could look into making some extra moolah becoming an Uber partner driver perhaps?

For more info on becoming an Uber driver, visit Uber partner website at https://get.uber.com/drive/?_ga=1.66099886.1099271426.1434971722

Uber Invite

If you’d like to try Uber for the first time, please do use my Invite Promo Code : uberwinniekepala for your first ride and get your first FREE RM 20 ride. Download the app or go to https://get.uber.com/invite/winniekepala

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