My experience with Maxis Dinner In The Sky

So, I just gave birth to a tiny human recently.

My newest obsession. 😍😍😍 #babyHEAD #newborn

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// accordance to old customs, I went through a month of confinement with a Confinement Nanny while I recover and nurse the baby. If you’re not familiar, this also means there are certain things (and food) that is restricted during this period.

While I have an awesome Confinement Nanny who cooked delicious home cooked meal for me everyday, I do miss the experience of heading out. Especially so after the chaos of caring for a newborn baby day and night for a month.


MaxisONE Club Elite

MaxisONE Club is the local telco’s loyalty program. As a (very) long time loyal customer of Maxis, I am personally a MaxisONE Club member. The program offers multiple rewards, freebies, exclusive invites and many more perks. To be honest, I can’t actually recall being exceptionally rewarded as a member, but that’s a separate discussion altogether.

Hubby is actually a much bigger customer to Maxis. Not only is he a long time customer like myself, he’s also (likely) one of their top 1% spenders, averaging over 4 figure monthly bills for years. This qualifies him as a MaxisONE Club Elite member.

Enjoy exclusive access to unique experiences and VIP treatment at Maxis Centres and Maxis Helpline when you’re a MaxisONE CLUB Elite member. This membership is reserved for our customers who spend RM500 or more monthly over 12 months with an immaculate payment record.

While he complains that he rarely sees any of these “first class perks” advertised by Maxis, he put Maxis’ reward for his loyalty to the test when we heard about Dinner In The Sky in Malaysia, and Maxis is offering exclusive invites to their customers.


Dinner In The Sky Malaysia

Dinner In The Sky is exactly as the name suggests. You get to dine at an elevated height, offering a truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They’ve been featuring this unique dining experience in 45 countries, apparently. But I’ve only come to hear about them when it was brought here by a local event company, the first time and location in Southeast Asia, it seems. Around the world, you get to dine in an elevated dining room overlooking the Great Wall of China, dazzling lights of Las Vegas strip, and many more.

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia was located in KL Tower, from August to September 2015, with a few nights blocked for corporate events.

When I saw this video, I got excited and wanted to get my hands on a ticket to try it. I love extreme sports and activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, thrill rides, roller coasters, and such but am actually scared of heights.

Maxis blocked of a week (I think) of seats for their subscribers. Me and Hubby both signed up when Maxis offered their customers a chance to win seats on this “restaurant”. It was a lottery system, really. If you’re selected, Maxis rep will call you to ask a few questions. If you missed the call twice, they move on to the next person.

Surprisingly, they called Hubby one fine day. Thankfully, he happened to be home bound with me during my confinement with the baby and happened to catch that winning call. After a few more calls and questions and enquiries, Maxis rep came over to hand deliver the tickets to us.


This woman wasn’t quite dressed for a wefie during her confinement period. 😛 However, the excitement was real. I was mostly happy that the dinner for us two was booked on the weekend of my last days of confinement. It was indeed a great way to celebrate the arrival of our newborn and to mark the end of my confinement month.


My experience on board

We arrived at KL Tower an hour before the dinner, as advised.  Took some pictures…

Celebrating the end of my confinement with a bang! Dinner In The Sky, thanks to #maxismocelite #MaxisDITS @maxisrewards A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on



Maxis DITS - Preshow
While we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive, and the chef and crew prepared our meal, we were entertained by local comedian, Andrew Netto, and magician, Zlwin.
Maxis DITS 042
Chef and crew prepping our “dinner table”

Here’s a description of the dinner table for you…

dining in the sky 5
*Image source : Maxis

It’s a rectangular table, seating a total of 22 dinner guests. In the middle, is where the chefs are, with galleys and tables where they prepare our food and serve us.

dining in the sky 2
Bucket seats, strapped in by multiple seatbelts. (*Image source : Maxis)

We’re strapped into our seat by the crew on ground. The seats are very much like those on a racing car. Bucket seats with several safety belts, over both your shoulders and across your waist. You’re tucked in the entire dinner. No way you can (or want to) unbuckle yourself mid air.

Once everyone is accounted for, seated and buckled in – we were given a quick welcome and safety speech. Then off we go…

dining in the sky 6
Here we go. Up and up. (*Image Source : Maxis)
Maxis DITS 046
A guy sitting in the crane hoisted us up in the air

The dinner table, or “restaurant” is suspended by a crane. A mighty powerful crane, I assume. One they use to lift heavy construction materials, I hope. As we go up, I focused on the horizon. It felt very much like I was  looking out the window of a building in town.

Maxis DITS 043
Still able to take creative shots

There are supposedly 3 sessions an evening – 6.30pm, 8.30pm and 10.30pm, I think. Each dinner lasts an hour only. We were on the earliest 6.30pm session, where we’d get to enjoy sunset through dinner.

And yes, if you’re wondering, there’s no toilets up there. Heck you can’t move from your seated position throughout the dinner. So, we were advised to have our bathroom trips before dinner starts. In case of emergencies though, if you really needed to go to the bathroom, they can always bring us back down. It is possible, but the rest of your dinner guests would not be too happy – as everyone has to come back down mid dinner and wait for you to come back from your bathroom break, to be hoisted back up again.

Maxis DITS - Wefie
Took a bunch of wefies too, before and after dark

For awhile, I looked ahead and enjoyed the view. It was like sitting out a balcony of a tall building in town. All was good.

Maxis DITS 045
Then I looked down and got scared

I was immediately reminded that I was suspended up in the air. A total 130 feet up in the air, to be exact.

The DITS (Dinner In The Sky) crew informed us that we didn’t exactly got up to the desired 150 feet height due to heavy winds. Eek!


// were only allowed our phones with us. The rest of our belongings were placed in lockers provided to us in the tent.

There are no floors on this thing. Our feet is dangling. Yes, there is a small platform to rest your legs. Obviously, I kept my feet firmly planted on this metal square base throughout dinner.

Everytime I needed to look down, especially to take these pictures. I made sure my other hand is grabbing on to the table or seat. It was scary to look down. Hubby wasn’t afraid of heights like me, and was teasing me, even trying to tickle me at one point. A stern warning look, and he stopped.

Don’t you freak me out more!

Still scared up here, trying to enjoy my food. It’s an experience alright! Dinner In The Sky. #MaxisDITS #maxismocelite A video posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on



The food by Hilton KL

After taking a bunch of (not very good) pictures to document my presence, I turned my attention to the food in front of me.

Maxis DITS 044
The menu for MaxisONE Club dinner
Maxis DITS - Food
Lovely food catered by Hilton KL
Maxis DITS 047
Sous chef was in front of me (*Image Source : Maxis)

The food was prepared and served by chefs from Hilton KL. The 5 course meal was prepared ahead of the dinner, not cooked up in the air. However, the plating was all done throughout dinner, so you kinda get to see your chef prepare your food in front of you.

There was complimentary red wine throughout dinner, along with Evian water. If you needed anything more, you can choose to order bottle(s) of wine, champagne and/or beer to be served at an extra cost.

Food was served fast enough, considering this whole experience was meant to last only 1 hour, and you need to finish up for the next dinner party awaiting on ground.

We started late that night. So funnily, and annoyingly for me, when we were still enjoying our dessert, the crane operator started bringing us back down to the ground, as they needed to get on with the program with the next group of dinner guests. In fact, I was forced to wolf down my dessert while I was on ground, and they started unbuckling the other guests. Not cool!


In summary

dining in the sky 7
*Image Source : Maxis

We both enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime Dinner In The Sky experience indeed. A lot of friends asked us about the experience, and comments came in on my Instagram posts throughout the dinner. So, yeah – I was replying to some of you while I was 130 feet up in the air, overlooking the KL Tower and KL skyline. How cool is that?

While I was mostly scared up in the air, I did manage to calm myself enough to enjoy my dinner. And it was a good meal indeed, thanks to Hilton KL.

dining in the sky 4
All 22 of us diners shared this Dinner In The Sky experience together

Mostly, thanks to MaxisONE Club Elite, we both got to check this off our list as a unique experience indeed. Been there, done that. Without Maxis’ generosity, we would likely not be able to experience this, since I heard that the tickets was sold out really fast.


However, according to the Dinner In The Sky Malaysia website, the “restaurant” will still be there until 30 September 2015 at the KL Tower site.

So, if you’re looking to perhaps still get a chance to experience this, head over to the Dinner In The Sky Malaysia website at


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