Restaurant Review : Boat Noodle, Publika

I’ve become a boring, anti-social person lately and have not been out trying new restaurants. I keep reading about so many amazing places and making mental notes to try it one day, but very rarely happens. The list kept growing and I keep dreaming. One of the many food places on the list is Boat Noodle.

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Boat Noodle (kuai tiao ruea) is a Thai style noodle soup, served with either chicken, beef or pork.

I’ve heard of one of the first Boat Noodle restaurants in KL at Empire Damansara a long time ago. The success led to Boat Noodle opening several more branches – in Jaya One, Publika, Ikon Cheras, Gamuda  Walk @ Setia Alam, Klang Parade and even one in JB. It also lead to many other boat noodle joints opening up in town. Much like the burger craze that swept KL before.

Finally, in a recent family outing, I got to check out one the branches – Boat Noodle at Siam, Publika!


Where Is It?

With only the address from Google, it took me awhile to navigate the confusing blocks at Solaris Dutamas, aka Publika. After searching by signages around the offices, I realise it’s actually situated upstairs of the happening row of restaurants where Elegantology, Estilo, Social, The Bee, etc, are.



Boat Noodle, Publika - Ambiance

Boat Noodle in Publika brings the feel of Thai streets into an indoor space. The decor is simplistic, and made to look like a local Thai street stall. I like the raw feel of wooden tables and chairs, hanging signages that are worn out. It has a nice “hipster-ish” feel to the ambiance.

Once seated, waiters pass you a menu to order, where the noodles are prepared in a semi-open kitchen, with glass windows. Drinks are made in a stall in the front of the shop.


Menu and  Pricing

Boat Noodle, Publika 001

In case you’re new to this whole “Boat Noodle” experience, the menu has a nice “Quick Start” newbie guide of sorts. It explains the concept for first timers.

Basically, they’re small bowls of noodles in a little spiced broth. Boat Noodle suggests you order 4 bowls to start. It may seem crazy excessive, but trust me. They’re really small bowls of 1-2 mouthfuls of noodles only, so 4 bowls is equivalent of 1 bowl of other noodle soups we’re used to.

Boat Noodle, Publika - Menu

The Boat Noodle menu is simple – you choose between chicken or beef; spicy or non-spicy. It’s priced at RM 1.90 per bowl, so if you start with 4 bowls, that’ll be RM 7.60 which is pretty much what a normal  bowl of noodle would cost in a food court these days.

Boat Noodle, Publika 002

Boat Noodle, Publika 003

Boat Noodle, Publika 004

Considering my family  members don’t eat beef, we ordered a bunch of chicken noodles, both in the Pathumthani and Ayutthaya flavours.

It’s been awhile since that visit, and I can’t really tell with the pictures which one is which. We started ordering 2 of each, to get a taste of both flavours. It’s personal preference, really – but I much prefer the spicier version, just like how I like spicy in almost everything I eat.

I added  more chilli to my noodles, as we ordered more and more to fill our tummy. There’s really no saying how much you SHOULD order. But, go with their recommendation – start with 4 bowls. Find out which flavour you prefer, then order more of that. Keep ordering as many bowls as you like. Seems the challenge is to see how many bowls you can stack.

Boat Noodle, Publika 005

Yup! We kept stacking and stacking.

Novelty? Maybe. But they are delicious noodles that you just keep ordering more and more, until you’re full. There’s no saying how much is enough, you just keep ordering.

And boy – the stacking of the finished bowls does feel somewhat satisfying. Like you accomplished some eating challenge. Haha.

We ordered some other side dishes too. But the main purpose was to try the Boat Noodles, so didn’t take any pictures. Neither was any of the side dishes we ordered worth special mentions, coz they were okay…

(*Image Source : Boat Noodle Facebook Page)
(*Image Source : Boat Noodle Facebook Page)

Their drinks deserve a mention.

If you’re a fan of Thai iced Tea (RM 6.90) like me, you should definitely order the Boat Noodle’s version. Condensed milk filled iced tea might be bad for you, but damn – they taste damn good. If the weather is hot and you like your drink extra cold, order the Ice Blended Thai Tea (RM 8.90). Some extra orange-y drink filled with crushed ice for that thirst quenching cooling satisfaction.

I’m thinking about it now…. Hmmm…..



Boat Noodle, Publika 006

It’s worth coming back, for sure.

We were there at peak lunch hour and there was a bit of wait for a table for the whole family. But it was worth it. The food was good, the Thai Ice Tea was satisfying. Would definitely come back.

Now, if only I could convince the Hubby to eat Asian noodles with me, instead of his usual Western lunches.


Contact Info:-

Boat Noodle at Siam, Publika
Add : Lot 30a, Block C5, G3, Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia32-34 Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel : +60 (3) 2856 2016
Website :
Facebook : 

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