Hong Leong Connect Mobile App Now Uses Fingerprint Scanning

*This is a sponsored post by Hong Leong Bank Malaysia*

If you’re a Hong Leong Bank customer, you’re likely familiar with Hong Leong Connect – the digital banking service from Hong Leong Bank.

HongLeong Connect
HongLeong Connect

In case you’re not, then you have to jump on board banking on-the-go. With Hong Leong Connect, not only can you perform banking transactions online on your browser, there’s also a mobile and tablet app, not only for iOS and Android, but also for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Apple Watch.


Hong Leong Connect Mobile

HongLeong Connect - Download App
Hong Leong Connect is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone

True mobile banking is when you download the Hong Leong Connect mobile app. Beyond checking your account balance, you can perform fund transfers, cardless withdrawals, bill payments, prepaid reload and more.

There’s also Hong Leong’s award-winning PEx Payment Express, which allows you to transfer funds to someone with just their mobile phone number.


The 1st in South East Asia to enable Banking Transactions via Biometric Authentication

(*Image Source: Hong Leong Bank Facebook Page)

Hong Leong Connect mobile app introduced another great functionality – biometric authentication. Yes – You can now scan your fingerprints to perform banking transactions!

Being the first bank in SEA to enable transactions via biometric authentication, the fingerprint scanning security allows you to perform transactions like check balance, perform ATM card-less withdrawal, fund transfer, and PEx+ Merchant Payment.

HongLeong Connect - Google Play
NEW! Fingerprint Access!

So, why is this a big deal?

Well, from a security point-of-view, this is as good as it gets. Passwords can be hacked, security questions can be guessed. Fingerprint on the other thumb hand, is as good as it gets in terms of security (for now) as it can’t be replicated. And when it comes to handling your money, the more secure the better, am I right?

A lot of the higher end smartphones today like iPhone and Samsung already come equipped with fingerprint scanner. It allows you to scan you thumbprint to unlock your phone. Now, more services are slowly (but surely) being introduced to make use of this fingerprint scanner feature on your device. Of course, since it’s secure enough to lock your phone, it should be perfect for other personal data and transactions like… well, banking.

HongLeong Connect - Biometric

I don’t have to tell you about the convenience of mobile banking. With your smartphone the device that’s always within an arm’s reach, it’s a no brainer that you should be able to perform banking on-the-go. It’s convenient – you don’t have to wait until you’re on your desk or at the ATM anymore.

If you’ve held back on mobile banking due to worry on security, now with fingerprint scanning, you should feel a lot better. No one can replicate your fingerprints!

Hong Leong Bank has received several recognitions of its technological advancements, including Malaysia’s Best Internet Bank 2015 by Global Banking & Finance Review Best Retail Payment Project Award by The Asian Banker Magazine and being in the Top 5 in the CIO Top 100 Awards under the Growth Category.

To give you more peace of mind, Hong Leong has taken a whole lot of security measures to test this app properly. It’s your money we’re talking about here. So, since they announced the prototype in June, they took the last few months to fine tune, test and perfect everything to the official launch of this biometric authentication function today.

In case you didn’t know, Hong Leong’s team has won multiple awards for their tech initiatives. Being the first to introduce biometric authentication banking is another one of their tech innovation at work.

Note : This service is available for customers using selected smartphones which are not jailbroken iOS devices (iPhone 5s and above) with Apple Touch ID, or non-rooted Android fingerprint scanner enabled devices (eg. Samsung Galaxy S6 and above running on OS 5.1.1 and above) with fingerprint scanner.


What Do I Think?

Hong Leong Connect - Biometric Authentication

Finally! A local bank is making use of the fingerprint scanning capabilities of new smartphones today. Your iPhone or Samsung fingerprint scanners is now useful beyond unlocking your phone!

I already perform basic banking transactions like balance check, funds transfer and bill payments on my mobile banking app already. The added security of fingerprint scanning is a big bonus for better security.

Personally, I think it’s great to see real life and LOCAL application of the fingerprint scanner in use.

Having downloaded and tested the new mobile app, I can report that it’s pretty user friendly. Functions are clear and straight forward, with clear and easy to understand navigation to perform your banking like funds transfer, balance checks – and clear instructions on when to scan your fingerprint, for that added security. Good job, Hong Leong Bank.

If you’re a Hong Leong Bank customer, go download the Hong Leong Connect mobile app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone now.


For more information, check out Hong Leong Connect website at http://www.hongleongconnect.my/


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