Restaurant Review : Menya Kamikaze Ramen @ 1MK

I love Ippudo Ramen. I’ve been to a few (if not all) of their restaurants and have no complains. I almost always order the same dish(es) every time. It’s almost a routine for me.

So, I don’t know why I still have an eye out for other ramen restaurants in town. Maybe, part of me wonder if there’s any other better ramen noodles in town that I’ve yet to sample?

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And Menya Kamikaze is one of the many ramen noodle places in town, that I have heard good things about. I have people tell me, that if I’m ever in 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall area, I should definitely check out Kamikaze ramen. Even a quick Google Search for “kamikaze 1 mont kiara” will herald a number of local food bloggers raving review of the place.

*Source :

Menya Kamikaze is located on the 1st Floor of 1 Mont Kiara Shopping Mall. It’s nestled between several restaurants and one that I have constantly overlooked the many times I have been to the quiet mall.

Menya Kamikaze, 1 Mont KIara


Gyoza are the go-to appetisers for Hubby.

Menya Kamikaze, 1 Mont KIara
Pork Soup Ramen (RM 22)
Menya Kamikaze, 1 Mont KIara
Spicy Pork Soup Kamikaze (RM 25)

I was there with Hubby one day and we were hangy (Hungry + Angry) so with little resistance, we stopped by the place I’ve heard so much about.

We ordered our usual gyoza to share, and a bowl of ramen each. Menya ramen noodles ranges between RM 22 – RM 31 per bowl, depending on the variety on offer. You can, of course, choose to add extra toppings like pork, corn, egg, spring onion, etc to your bowl.

They also have dipping noodles on their menu. Which basically means the noodle is separate from your soup base. You take a spoonful of ramen, dip it in the soup base for each mouthful, as much or little as you wish. There are 3 different selection of soup base to choose from.

Every now and then, Meyna Kamikaze also have their “specials” for the month. It ranges from Black Spicy Ramens, to Cold Ramens and more.

Note : I could have gotten the names of our ramen noodles wrong. We wolfed down our ramen that day. Mostly out of hunger.

Conclusion? It’s no Ippudo.

While the Menya ramen noodles were nice, (I even ordered their signature Kamikaze) the broth was flavourful and the ramen noodle has a springy consistency, it was nowhere near soup downing, lip smacking, delicious as I’d come to love about Ippudo. There’s something missing, for me, that seems to lack the kick.

Would I come back? Maybe not.

Usually when I’m in the area, I would try something quick and easy (like Ah Cheng Laksa at the LG floor in front of the supermarket) or something fancier (like The Barn at the entrance of the mall). Menya Kamikaze kinda sits in between. Plus, there’s a Sushi and Pasta Zanmai there at 1MK as well.

So, meh.


Contact Info:-

Menya Kamikaze

Add : Lot 1-2, 1st Floor, 1 Mont Kiara, 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 (3) 6211 9499
Operating Hours : Monday – Sunday, 11.00 am – 10.00 pm



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