Restaurant Review : Coco Steamboat @ Old Klang Road (non-halal)

Rainy season is going to continue til end of the year. Me, for one, is welcoming the chilly weather that’s nice and cool and perfect for lazy weekends. Alongside this cool weather, the perfect meal accompaniment would be a steaming hot steamboat dinner. Am I right?

I recently wrote about Yuen Buffet Steamboat at Kelana Jaya. While I satisfied my craving, it was not quite the best steamboat I’ve had. So I asked around for more recommendation. And one name that keep popping up, even in Google searches, is Coco Steamboat at Old Klang Road.


Where Is It?

Now, I used to live near Old Klang Road, but have no idea where this place is. To be frank, the road has changed so much in recent years, I kinda don’t recognise it anymore. There are so many new buildings, shoplots, interchange and highways etc along the super long road, I get lost there these days.

Waze – Coco Steamboat Old Klang Road

Waze tells me it’s near Pearl Point Shopping Mall.

For a moment, I chuckled. That old tatty mall is still around? OK OK. >_<

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True enough. There is like a new mall, next to the old Pearl Point. If you’re coming from town side, it’ll be in the row of shops after Kuchai Lama interchange and just BEFORE reaching Pearl Point.

*Image Source : JETunNel Blog
*Image Source : JETunNel Blog

There’s a giant signboard “COCO STEAMBOAT” and you won’t miss it.

Parking can get a little tricky, but RM 5 to those parking tout and you can park at the open space next to the restaurant.



Coco Steamboat Old Klang Road - Ambiance

The place is HUGE!

It’s like a giant Chinese Seafood Restaurant, except there are big and small tables, round and square to cater for different group sizes.

I was there on a Thursday, it was busy, but not overly crowded. You will definitely get a table easily without waiting.


Menu and Pricing

You will not be getting a clear soup broth with a combination of tom yum soup split. Oh no.

The signature, and only soup base here at Coco Steamboat is their pork bone milky broth. Yep – this place is non-halal.

Milky pork bone broth
Milky pork bone broth (RM 22.20)

It was intriguing to me at first, to see a milky broth base. And then you also note that there ar giant chunks of pork bones brewing in the soup base, continuously adding the delicious flavour as you boil it throughout the meal.

Balls balls balls
(Left) Four Treasure Balls (8 pcs) (RM 16.90); (Top Right) Prawn Balls (RM 14.70); (Bottom Right) Pork Meat Balls (RM 7.30)
Fish balls to die for
Fish balls to die for – Crystal Fish Balls (RM 7.30)

These were the best of everything we ordered that night. They were definitely home made, and not store bought. The fishballs were springy and had a nice bouncy texture to it.

If we weren’t stuffed, I would definitely ordered a whole lot more of these.

Tau Foo Pok aka Beancurd Puff (RM 8.40)

These Tau Foo Pok was AH-MAZING. They were inverted, turned inside out, with the fish paste smeared on the outside… errr, inside out…

Well, it was really good. The fish paste, like the Crystal Fish Balls, were definitely homemade, not store bought, and was super delicious.

Jelly Fish (RM 6.30)
Foo Chook
Foo Chook akak Beancurd Skin (RM 8.40)
Seafood Beancurd (RM 6.30)
(Left) Pork Loin (RM 16.90); (Right)Sliced Beef (RM 15.80)
Spinach Noodle (RM 2.10)

Plenty more that I didn’t get to snap pictures for, as predicted, because we started eating as soon as the dish was served. We also had watercress vege (RM 9.40), enoki mushroom (RM 5.20), Siakap fish fillet (RM 16.90), pork stomach (RM 9.40), pork belly (RM 10.50), fried chicken wings 4 pc (RM 12.80) and more.



Coco Steamboat Old Klang Road

We ordered way more food than us 4 ladies can finish, for sure.

But it was satisfying, nonetheless. We were all famished from long days, and a mid week feast is always welcomed.

The pork bone broth was unique but definitely delicious. It gave the a nice flavour to all the other food we tossed it, a nice sweet-ish flavour and made everything just yummi-licious.

Would I come back?

Hell yeah! Now that I know where this is, and what are the best dishes to order, I am definitely making this my go-to steamboat place in the future. Well, until I can find some place else to try.

Any more recommendations? If not, Coco Steamboat it is, for all future steamboat visits to come…


Contact Info:-

Coco Steamboat (Old Klang Road branch)
Add : Batu 3/4, 1, 4, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Taman United, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 (19) 277 6596
Operating Hours : (Mon-Sun) 5.30 pm – 11.30 pm
Facebook :

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