Restaurant Review : WOW Chicken Korean Chicken BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Ever since I went on a vacation with the family to Seoul, South Korea, last New Year’s, Hubby have been addicted to Korean Fired Chicken (and BEER combo). We asked some friends for suggestion of good Korean Fried Chicken places in Klang Valley and WOW Chicken was one of the recommendation.


Location & Ambiance

Located upstairs Celicakes Bakery at Desa Sri Hartamas (*Image Source : Google StreetView)

Located on the first floor in the shop lots at Desa Sri Hartamas, it certainly isn’t a location that invites natural footfall traffic. I assume this place survive off regular customers and word-of-mouth.

Once you take the stairs, or lift up to the 1st Floor, you’ll see the door and banners just outside of the restaurant.

As you walk in, you’ll see a sofa set and coffee table. As if it’s a waiting section before you get to your seat. Although when I was there with some other friends, the place was almost empty. Just us and another couple.

Turn right to the seating area, there’s a section for kids play area on the right, and a row of high brick “booths” on the left. All the way to the back, on the right, another long table setting, for if you’re there in a bigger group that won’t fit in the booth.

I have to say the booths were … weird. The high brick walls does provide privacy, however creates a slight claustrophobia.

It is unassuming hole-in-the-wall kinda joint, which didn’t quite leave us with a good first impression. Now, we only hope the food is good.



KFC = Korean Fried Chicken

Yeah, our new version of KFC, that’s way more delicious and less oily.

We ordered fried chicken, fried boneless chicken fillet and a barbecue chicken, too. It was good. And that sauce, was amazing.

The fried chicken is the hero dish of the place, of course, and the reason we came to this place to begin with. It was good. Brings me and hubby back to when we were in Korea, in one of the Chicken + Beer joints. I pointed out to Hubby about the Korean Fried Chicken craze here in KL, and he wasn’t aware of it until now.

What really pulls it together is the combo or Chicken and Beer, according to Hubby. And the fact that the fried chicken is so delicious, without it being drenched in dripping oil. Somehow makes it seem healthy”.

We also ordered some other side dishes – fried gyoza (that’s Japanese though), fried rice (Asian me have to eat rice) and french fries, with ketchup and diced onions. Who would’ve thought raw diced onion and ketchup goes so well with crinkle-cut fries.


It’s been awhile since we went to WOW Chicken, with these pictures sitting in my computer until I post it now. Honestly, we haven’t been back since. I did also spot another Korean Fried Chicken and Beer place in Solaris Dutamas recently, that I’ve made a mental note to try one day.

Back to WOW Chicken – we might go back. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that memorable for me to make the effort to suggest the place for a meal. Even if I’m craving for some good ole fried chicken.

Thankfully though, WOW Chicken delivers. Perhaps a reason why the restaurant is quiet, cos their biggest revenue is delivery? Or perhaps they’re busier for lunch? I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll order delivery next time.


Contact Info:-

WOW Chicken Korean Chicken BBQ
Add :  66-1, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Mobile : +60 (16) 283 1001
Facebook :

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