Happy New Year 2017

2016 went by so quickly for me. I was buried in work. Too much work. Too much stress. Something I have told myself to cut out (or down) in recent years.

Life meant different things to me in recent years. It used to be about work and money. The higher I climb in the corporate ladder, the better. The more money I make the better. The more designer handbag and shoes I own, the better I feel.

Call it aging, call it parenthood, call it exhaustion. I’m selective now, with what I choose to do with my time and life, what little words I choose to speak, how much time / stress I dedicate to work, who I choose to spend time with.

2017 is a year of more of this focus.


It’s about family.

It always is and should be family-first. Even before I became a mom. If anything the passing of my late father has taught me, is that work comes seconds, family is always first.

You should always have time for family.

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It’s about health and fitness.

I have, very much neglected my health and body. Gained weight in my attempt to conceive a baby, and from quitting smoking. Then I ate whatever I want when I was pregnant, and never stopped eating whatever I want.

Stepping on the scale is disheartening for me. Major wake up call when I look at pictures of myself and noticed how I have let myself go, and never got back into exercising and eating right. I am so unfit, I shy away from a lot of workouts as they (and the people working out) intimidate the hell out of me.

But we all start somewhere, and I started. And will continue to work out and be healthy.


It’s about loving my work, and the people I work with.

I have a stress-addiction. I don’t know when to stop myself from working, and over-working. Over the years, I learned that the biggest area I need to work on is self-discipline. I need to force myself to shutdown after a long work day, and continue tomorrow. My age no longer allow me to burn the midnight oil every night, and survive on less than a handful hours of sleep.

I also need to ensure my work demands and the environment allows me to practice this restraint. I learn that I need to create a healthy work environment for myself, to finally live that work-life balance we all preach, but never follow through.

I need to love what I do again, and not resent it because of exhaustion and stress. Only positivity will produce my best work.

Yes, money is great, but I need to enjoy what I do again.

While work in 2016 is really unhealthy for me, I do enjoy the people I work with.


It’s about great friends and surrounding myself with positive people.

Enough time wasted on unnecessary drama and people who only bring you down with them.

Without sounding like a motivational poster, I learn to appreciate I only need less than a handful of good, positive friends around me. People I can truly call a friend, those I can count on in time of need, and give back where I can help.

It’s not about having hundreds of FB friends, people you have to see and obligated to have lunch / dinner with, or attend their birthdays and parties, but having quality friendship with quality friends. About surrounding myself with people who are truly uplifting and have a positive impact in my life.


It’s about enjoying and indulging in life.

Wake up and smell the … coffeee? Nah. I’ve smelt enough coffee. Comes with keeping my eyelids open while working into the wee hours of the morning, working on another PowerPoint deck.Β Reality bus hit me hard enough already.

It’s time to smell the sea breeze. Coz I don’t like flowers. 😁 It’s about the “experiences” in life.

Feel the sand in between my toes. Enjoy a relaxing hair / mani / pedi treatment. Splurge on an expensive purchase, just because I deserve it.

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The little things in life. #winnieinlangkawi #beach

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And, of course… FOOD. πŸ˜‹


So, there’s my 5 priorities and focus for 2017. What about you?

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