Restaurant Review : Crack Pork @ Kota Damansara

Awhile back, I heard about Garam Haram. It’s a gourmet flavoured pork bacon salt. I have been buying them to give my cooking or salad a little oomph. You can purchase them at BIG at Publika.

*Source :

Since I have been loving my non-halal salt, I got to know about Crack Pork, the minimalist cafe in Kota Damansara, from the makers of this gourmet salt. Been meaning to give it a try, but truly never got around to it, as they’re only open daytime (no dinner).

One fine Sunday, convinced a hangry Husband to drive to Kota Damansara, instead of his tried-and-tested Sunday roast venue, to give this porky cafe a go.

Located in a small shoplot around The Strand in Kota Damansara (pardon my ignorance as I’m unfamiliar with this neighbourhood), I easily located the place with their signage outside and found ample parking space on a weekend.

This is a minimalist cafe, I have to emphasize. The menu isn’t huge. In fact, that’s being generous. The menu is tiny. Serving only a few specialty porky sandwiches, salad and one Chinese dish – SiuYuk Rice.

*Source: Crack Pork FB Page

Hubby went for the Porchetta Sandwich. The super China Ah Lian in me went for RICE! and we shared the Porchetta Salad.

Porchetta Sandwich (RM 15)

Hubby thinks the sandwich is good. Not great, unfortunately. In fact, he seem somewhat “Meh” with it.

Siu Yuk Rice (RM 12)

For us Malaysians who have savoured many a good chicken rice stall, with great siew yoke and char siew combo, my expectations were rather high. To pay RM 12 for a Siew Yoke (Siu Yuk) rice, I was hoping for a bit more.

Unfortunately, the rice while ginger flavoured as you’d expect, it was a little too mild and bland for my liking. Other things on the plate, besides the rice and siew yoke is the diced cucumbers. No chicken rice staple of the light soya sauce. Just rather plain, to be honest.

It’s a bit disappointing to me. Maybe I should’ve ordered something else?

Porchetta Salad (RM 24)

We shared the salad. A basic lettuce and ceasar salad dressing and some siew yoke on top. For RM 24, I was again disappointed. Not the best porky salad I’ve had. In fact, nowhere near the top best.

I’m somehow reminded of the porky salad at Three Little Pigs @ Bangsar Village or S.Wine @ BIG Publika. Those were good porky salads.

Even drinks were rather limited in selection.

Overall was quite a disappointing trip for me, I must say.

Of all the restaurants I’ve read about and tried, this is not my best pick. I will still continue to buy the Garam Haram though, they are delish! But the cafe? I likely wouldn’t come back for their regular menu.

Because every now and then, the guys organised some themed one-off dinner events. Like Taco Pork and Samyang SiuYuk (remember the Spicy Korean noodles I tried before here).


Crack Pork

Add : 59G Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 012-207 3994
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11.00am – 5.00 pm (Closed on Tuesdays)


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