Restaurant Review : Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

A couple of months back, I stumbled upon a charcoal Korean BBQ restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara with Hubby. Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ. The restaurant was casual, street-style, open-air (think Mamak style) concepwith no-frills table setting.

Recently, I hear about them opening another branch in Publika. Only upon researching did I realise that they’re actually a chain of Korean BBQ restaurants, with branches not only in “Korean Town” Solaris Mont Kiara, but also in Jaya One and Desa Park City, and this new one in Publika.

So, when my girlfriends were looking for another food hangout to try, I recommended Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ in Publika. Perfect for the rainy weather these days.


Where Is It?

Sae Ma Eul Publika is located at the Plan B end of Publika Shopping Mall. Opposite Plan B is Chawan, and opposite Chawan is Thai Tuk Tuk, at the other corner next to the new Shell Out Publika. Upstairs of Thai Tuk Tuk, unit number A1-1-9 is Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ. Not that the unit number is any help, especially if you’re as confused as I am with the layout, block and numbering of Publika Solaris Dutamas.

The light is bright and you wouldn’t miss it. The place is not enclosed, but rather open concept. Each table is a rustic, street style wooden table, with the grill in the middle, and the exhaust fan on top.

Maybe the place is new-ish and it was a weekday, because there were plenty of seating for us to choose for our dinner party of 5. I remember the Solaris Mont Kiara branch gets really packed.

What’s really awesome about any barbecue to get the best flavour of your meats, is charcoal grill.

Charcoal grill
Side dishes for any Korean BBQ

The kimchi is awesome. We went through many many plates of this. ANd the pickled cucumber is my personal favourite. Can’t get enough of this.


Meat Set Menu & Top Ups

Menu and Pricing (click to view enlarged version)

There are 2 set menus to choose from, both good for 2-3 pax – Set A (RM 59) has Sliced Pork Belly, Pork Shoulder and Grilled Baby Octopus; whilst Set B (RM 81) has Lamb, Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken and a can of Hite Korean beer.

With 5 of us, we ordered the Set B which has a combination of lamb, pork and chicken, and added on more ala carte items.

Set B (RM 81) of Pork belly, Lamb chop
Set B includes Grilled marinated chicken, perfectly marinated and so flavourful

Because there’s 5 of us, we ordered more ala carte meat to top up our big appetite.

(Clockwise from Top Left) Spicy Grilled Pork Belly (RM 29), LA Galbi Beef Ribs marinated in special soya sauce (RM 58), Grilled baby octopus (RM 28) and Pork ribs marinated in special soya sauce (RM 29)


All the marinated meat was perfectly marinated, where the flavours were deeply infused in the meat, giving it the perfect taste after charcoal grilling. All the meat was fresh and juicy and tender. Perfectly marinated. Perfectly cooked.

The baby octopus was also super tender and not rubbery. I’m persobally not a fan of baby octopus, but the group finished it super fast and couldn’t stop praising how perfect it was.


Side Dishes – Soups, Rice Balls

On top of the meats (and baby octopus) we also ordered some side dishes.

It’s almost as if it’s an incomplete Korean meal, if you don’t order hotpots and soups. Also perfect for the rainy weather.

(Top) Pork Rib Stew (RM22); (Bottom L-R) Kimchi Stew (RM 22), Steam Egg (RM 11)

We actually ordered the Spicy Soft Tofu Stew (Sundubu) (RM 16) but was too hungry and forgot to snap a picture.

We also didn’t order that Steam Egg (RM 11) but was told it was complimentary from the restaurant. I don’t know why. Maybe because we ordered so much food for 5 of us, they thought we needed to balance it with something non-meat. 😆😆😆

Unfortunately though, while the egg looks good when it was sent to the table, once the sizzling dissipates, it didn’t taste as good. A little overcooked, so we didn’t finish it at all.

Spicy Rice Ball (RM 23)

One of their signature dishes is the Spicy Rice Ball (RM 23) which contains some Korean rice, tonnes of seaweed, some vege and spicy paste. All you need to do is put on the gloves, toss the rice and ingredients together and roll them into balls. Toss them into the grill (or you can eat it as is) and you have some nice, really spicy, rice balls to enjoy with your meal.

We made some rice balls, some nice and compact, some crunbled at the grill. Some manageable ping-pong ball sized, some giant tennis ball sized. 😁

They were delicious. If you’re a fab of having some rice with your meals, as Asians do, you will love this Spicy Rice Ball.



Possibly the cooking time was masterfully monitored in our group, or it’s really about the fresh ingredients. A little bit of both, I think. Everything was super delicious.

Even though we over-ordered a little between the 5 of us, we did very well finishing almost all of our meal. There were some leftover soups and of course, the overcooked Steam Egg.

The bill came to RM 348.75 for 5 of us, which is under RM 70 per pax.

The waitress also pointed out that if we paid by cash, they will remove the 6% Card Charge. Which we did, so the bill finally came to RM 329 total and that’s ~RM 66 per pax. Not bad for a meal that we stuffed our face silly.

We even found room to have some gelato and tea after. 😝😝

As much as I like Sae Ma Eul in Solaris, I was equally as impressed with the food at Sae Ma Eul Publika. Would definitely come back again – with my family next!


Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ @ Publika

AddA1-1-9, Publika Shopping Gallery, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6010 270 0972
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun, 11.00 am – 11.30 pm

Sae Ma Eul @ PublikaSae Ma Eul @ Solaris | Sae Ma Eul @ Jaya One | Sae Ma Eul @ Desa Park City


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