Restaurant Review : Hong Kong Hotpot @ Telawi Square, Bangsar

I love my girlfriends, coz they’re the ones who would indulge me in my constant hunt for Asian food in town.And it almost seems like I’m on a quest to try all the steamboat options around. Because I’ve heard so much about this Hong Kong Hotpot in Telawi!

What? A Chinese hotpot (aka steamboat) place in a bar area? Yeah, who woulda thunk?

Where Is It?

Yeah, it’s located on Level 2 of Telawi Square.

If you’re not familiar with Bangsar, Telawi or any of these areas. Basically, it’s opposite Bangsar Village 2 shopping mall. There’s a row of shoplot, where The Social and Nirvana Banana Leaf is? The corner Tous Le Jour? Telawi Square is basically a few shoplots between Nirvana and Tous Le Jour, that was turned into a small complex with a small escalator in the middle, and lots of small boutiques, beauty salon etc.

*Image Source : Hong Kong Hotpot Facebook Page

Hong Kong Hotpot also has a Ground Floor setup, air conditioned. It’s literally smack next to Banana Leaf, so you might be tempted to walk next door instead. 😆

Go up to their Level 2 outlet. Much nicer.

Ambiance (and Oh… the music)

Inside, the ambiance is very reminiscent of a local restaurant in Hong Kong. Table seating were rather cozy. But you still get ample room for all your food on the table, and an induction cooker in the middle for your boiling soup.

The restaurant is dimly lit with an air of industrial design of exposed concrete flooring, grey muted wallpaper, and pops of red chair and other furnishing.

There are 3 private rooms on one side of the walls, with sliding red doors. The staff informed me that the rooms can handle a capacity of approx 8 – 12 pax each.

What I love about the place the most is the music that they play while you’re dining. Old school Hong Kong pop music. If you’re as old as me (haha) and used to listen to Canto-Pop in the 90s, you’ll instantly recognise the Alan Tham, Sally Yeh, Aaron Kwok and all these golden oldies music playing. In fact, I was singing along to a few of them mid munch – so much nostalgia!

The ambiance is so very much like Hong Kong – with more and more guests pouring in throughout the night, almost every table speaking in Cantonese. I almost forgot that I am in Malaysia, let alone Bangsar! It really feels like I’m in Hong Kong, for a minute.

Menu and Pricing

Once seated, you’re presented with a simple paper menu and a pencil, where you tick the dishes you want to order.

Full Menu

If you get a little overwhelmed, go ahead and order the soup base first. While that’s being prepared & boiling, you can have some extra time to choose the dishes. Which is what we did.

Szechuan Spicy (Left) and Fresh Tomato Soup (Right) soup bases

If you ordered a single soup base, it’s RM 25. We have a vegetarian among us, so we ordered the mixed soup base (RM 30) – one Fresh Tomato Soup and one Szechuan Spicy soup.

The Tomato soup wasn’t thick and creamy as you’d get in Western style tomato soup. In replenishments, they ensured a good balance or broth and tomato soup to maintain a good consistent soupy base.

The spicy Szechuan base is awesome. I personally despise coriander, so as soon as it came, I removed those horrible herbs off the soup before “contamination”. 😜 Without the offensive herb, the soup taste awesome. There’s a generous amount of whole dried chilli in there. Important to keep the taste spicy and flavourful. Love it!

Portable tray of condiments

There’s a standalone, portable tray of condiments to choose from – from your usual soya sauce and chilli padi, you also get sambal chilli sauce, minced garlic, peanut sauce, satay sauce. And other garnish of spring onion and coriander. Just looking at this before meal, got me drooling.

Home made herbal tea (RM 18)

Got their homemade herbal tea. It’s nice enough – except I felt it tasted a little too sweet for my liking. Something simple like Chinese tea would’ve sufficed.

The menu has a good selection of meats (pork, chicken, beef), meat balls and dumplings, seafood (fish, prawn, squid, scallops, oysters, mussels, crab), tofu, beancurds, vegetables (leafy greens, sweet corn, yam, radish, eggs), mushrooms, and noodles.

Sakura Premium Pork Slice – Half (RM 15)
US Premium Marble Beef Slice – Half (RM 58)

We didn’t order a lot of meat. With only 2 meat eaters among us, we wanted to reserve more space for seafood and stuff. Somehow, I prefer hotpot / steamboat with seafood and beancurds.

If you’re not a fan of meat with steamboat like me, I would recommend you stick to maybe one or two of their signature meats – like their Berkshire Premium Pork Slice (RM 29 for full), and this US Premium Marble Beef Slice (RM 98 for full).

Famous HK Beancurd Roll (RM 25 / box)

It puzzled me at first, why this item is priced per box. Then, I realised later that this is one of their bestsellers, and is also sold in boxes to take home.

*Image Source : Hong Kong Hotpot Facebook Page
Fresh Made Prawn Beancurd Roll – Half (RM 10)
(Top Left) Abalone Mushroom (RM 8); (Bottom Left) Mountain “white” Tofu (RM 8); (Right) Needle “enoki” Mushroom (RM 8)
Cameron Sweet Corn (RM 8)
Quail Eggs (RM 8)
(Left) Tong Hou ; (Right) Yin Choy (aka Spinach) for RM 8 each
Glass Noodle (RM 6)

We had a good selection of meats, seafood, beancurds, leafy greens.

We also ordered two halves of Fresh Handmade Prawn Meat Ball and the Hong Kong Mushroom Pork Meat Ball for RM 11 each, which I might’ve missed taking pictures of.

We obviously ordered more than we could finish. But the waitress were helpful with recommendations. A few items that was recommended but we didn’t order includes – appetizer Boil Fresh Sweet Drunken Tiger Prawn (RM 28), appetizer Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin (RM 16), Handmade Prawn / Chives Dumpling (RM 18 for full) and Japanese Half Shell Scallops (RM 35 for full).

Perhaps next time.


Overall, the food was good. The soup base was delicious and a perfect combination for us.

I am curious to try their Sakura Pork Bone Soup (RM 23) base next time, but will surely order the Spicy Szechuan soup base again. For sure. I’m pleasantly happy with my meal. A satisfying meal indeed, with great company.

It’s also very common for me to over-order. And there are still so much more items on the menu that I didn’t get to try, from their recommendation. With that thought, I am definitely planning a repeat visit in future. This time with maybe a bigger group – my family perhaps in the private room?

[Update 18/5/2017] Came back again with other girlfriends to order more and different dishes. Place was full on their 2nd Floor outlet, so managed to grab a table at the Ground Floor instead. Still great food, great ambiance. Told ya I’d do a repeat visit!

Hong Kong HotPot – 香港热锅

Add: Lot 9 & 10, Level 2, Telawi Square, no.39 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2280 0242
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun, 4.00 pm – 12.00 am

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