I’m Sorry

I’m sorry.

It’s been almost a year since I posted anything on this blog. I’m active on Instagram, with active insta stories, too) although most of the posts were personal stuff surrounding my family and work life. My Twitter still have some semblance of tech, news headline and other stuff, but not quite the tech blogger I used to be.

Work and life took over.

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Happy Mother's Day!!!

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I’m not apologizing for having a life. I am apologizing for leaving this blog hanging, for those of you who are still interested…


To revive or to shut down?

Truth be told, after 10 months of hiatus, I contemplated shutting this blog down for good.

Biggest reminder was when my blog domain and hosting was up for renewal. I renewed it and vouch to decide later.

It was getting tough to juggle consistent posting and meaningful content creation, with my day job and life.

The internet have moved on to people enjoying more bite sized content through visual pics & vids on Instagram, 280 character texts (up from 140 characters before) on Twitter, and short form videos on Facebook. Our attention span today is only 8 seconds (less than a goldfish), and that makes Advertisers crazy if they can catch your attention. Video is the future of media consumption, so blogposts are not as popular as they used to be.

There are exceptions, of course. I know this, I am a Marketer by profession. And I’m simplifying these to make a point. I’m old and tired. I can’t compete with all these noise online.


I am keeping the blog alive

But I don’t think I have the capacity or the passion to maintain it the way I used to anymore. I have turned down many a media invite and review offers. It wouldn’t be fair to you PR folks, who’s working on exposure for your products with an inactive blogger.

Based on majority vote, the blog lives. But in a lighter, more manageable pace. I will do sporadic posts here and there…

  • Tech – More lifestyle based, than the usual long-form reviews, news coverage, or deeply geeky stuff. I still love gadgets and love tech, so that part of me will never stop, I guess.
  • Food – I still eat out every now and then, and still enjoy discovering restaurants, so will start to share my personal reviews
  • Lifestyle – From entertainment to current news to girlie posts to my life as a working mom

I will no longer spend 4+ hours on a post (or more if it’s video) but do more bite sized write ups. Unless I have more to say, but it’ll be rare. The blog will live on, for posterity sake.

My writing was never great to begin with – perfect grammar, perfect sentence construction, riveting read. Please… But I like my verbal diarrhea and will continue to keep my posts unedited. Again, for posterity.


If you’ve had enough of reading…

I’ll still be on social media. Facebook Page has been pretty inactive, honestly. Other than my friends who are more active on my personal profile, the page has been quite a ghost town. I’ll see what I can do to get some activity going, but I’m not gonna worry my pretty little head over it. If it fizzles, it fizzles.

Instagram will still be there, with combination of personal stuff as well as blog related stuff. Same goes to Twitter. I won’t keep personal and blogging (and sometimes professional) separate like before – this is me, my blog, my social media, all of it in one. I’ll share whatever I want. And most of my readers here are my friends anyway, so you guys should love hearing from me, regardless of which platform! Hahah.


So, are you OK with the new plan? To keep this blog going with the new direction?

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