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[UPDATE: 2 Jan 2019] New Year, New Me, right? I’ve finally relented & purchased the hosting. You can now continue to visit my blog at my original domain at

OK. So, here’s an update.

I’ve now moved to this site. The new domain for my blog is now…
Still the same

Note: Or you can still type and get redirected to this new website.

From when I started this blog as a hobby in 2009, over the years, I have migrated it to a self-hosted dotcom website and became an active blogger. I started attending events, getting products for reviews, and even made some money here and there.

But ultimately, life took over. As per my last post here, you know I’m not as active anymore on the blog.

A few days ago, I got the annual notice that my blog hosting is up for renewal. It was a time for reflection and decision.

Domain renewal, I seldom bat an eyelid. Because I knew I would surely keep for awhile. But hosting is expensive! Keeping a dormant blog alive is expensive. But I’m not quite ready to shut the blog down yet.

Technicality (for the non-tech savvy of you) aside, the blog lives on, but with a different the same web address. You can still type in the address bar, but this time, it will redirect you to this website instead. There’s another issue of lag and delay in loading the page – which is a problem I will fix another day with my domain host).

2019 WinnieKepalaBLOG

I HAVE to keep the historical blogposts alive. They’re an accumulation of years of research, and producing content that I can’t just let go. I will continue to keep this here for posterity.

Blogposts will still not be too regular, though. I will update only if I have something to say, or longer content to share. And will do so on my social media pages using #WinnieKepalaBLOG hashtag.

[Update] I have also registered a new domain name

As usual, if you want more regular updates, and to keep up if and when there’s a new blogpost, do follow me on social media:-

  • Facebook – for reviews, tech news, conversations
  • Instagram – day-to-day Insta-stories, family pics etc
  • Twitter – news shares in tech, entertainment etc


Final note. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU for sticking around.

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