Restaurant Review : Grand Pot, Hotpot by De Hunan @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Not too long ago, I discovered De Hunan at Kuchai Lama for deliciously spicy Hunan food. From their Facebook Page and also after my last visit to their Kuchai branch, I was given a RM50 discount voucher to try out their new Hotpot outlet in Desa Sri Hartamas.

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After the holiday season, I gathered my makan-group to go check out Grand Pot, Hotpot by De Hunan.

Location & Ambiance

Grand Pot De Hunan is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, just behind the closed Ture Fitness gym, at the corner shoplot, right opposite Floristika. That entire stretch of road is famous for housing pubs and bars, including Groove and Uncle Don’s.

It was a weekday when we went, and the place was quite empty. During the course of our dinner, perhaps only 2-3 other tables of 4 came and went. I chalk it down to the fact that this place is new and not many people know about it yet.

Although I have seen a few restaurants open and close at this particular corner lot. I hope it’s not bad feng shui. 😜

Signature Grand Pot

I was really excited to try their Signature Crab Grand Pot, especially after seeing it promoted on their Facebook Pages.

Source: GrandPot De Hunan Facebook Page
Signature Grand Pot menu of crab, prawn, frog or mix prawn + frog pot

I wanted to try the Signature Crab Pot so badly, but then spotted the menu stating “Prior Bookings only”. Unfortunately for us that night, they didn’t have any in stock and we didn’t get to try it. 😟

Fortunately though, the small plate appetizers and deep fried fish skin made up for it!!! 😋

Small plates appetizers (RM3.31 each)
Salt & Pepper Fried Fish SKin (RM 15)

De Hunan Hotpot

Good selection of handmade paste, sliced meats, seafood, meatballs, noodles and vegetables

You get a choice of 3 different broths – Hunan Specialty Mala Soup (Normal, Spicy or Crazy Spicy), Specialty Pork Bone Soup, Spicy and Sour Concubine Fish Soup. Single soup goes for RM 25, while double soup is RM 30.

We ordered the combination of their Hunan Specialty Mala Soup in Spicy; with the Specialty Pork Bone Soup (RM 30)

For the Hunan Specialty Mala Soup, we ordered the medium range Spicy flavour, a compromise for everyone. Really, if it was up to me, I would go Crazy Spicy!!! 😁

The Mala soup is basically a spicy and peppery combination. The “Mala”peppercorn inside the soup base were a little unexpected. Especially when you bite into one of these bad boys, damn! It has a weird peppery aftertaste that is an acquired taste, and some might dislike.

The group had to spit out a few unexpected peppercorns in the soup. Personally, I was OK with it, although biting into one is still never pleasant.

The spicy soup was just nice, not too spicy and still very very flavourful. Even the pork bone soup was nicely done – brings out the flavour of the ingredients we had. Nice!

Even at the medium-level Spicy was too hot for some. 😆
Fish Noodle (RM 8)

Squeezing that thing into the pot was interesting, as the plastic didn’t hold & they exploded into chunks of paste.

Four Combination Fish Dumpling (RM 8)

I’d pass on these dumplings, really. They’re more dumpling skin, and really can’t taste anything in the fillings at all.

Can’t remember which is which, but all meatballs are RM 8 each
Cuttlefish ball with uni (RM 8)
Exploding pork meat ball (RM 8)
Live Haruan Fish Slices (RM 25)

We ordered 2 orders of these fish slices. It was really delicious and fresh. They taste great in both soup broths.

Pork belly slice (RM 18)
Beancurd Skin Roll (RM 12)

Honestly, I was expecting this to be like the ring rolls in Hong Kong Hotpot, but I was sorely disappointed. These were OK – not what I expected.

Quaill Egg (RM 8)
Golden (Enoki / Needle / Straw) Mushroom (RM 8)
Siew Bak Choy & Baby Spinach (RM 8 each)

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All this to be dipped with a selection of sauces that you can mix. It comes with a recipe menu. Personally, the sauces are not great. Everything was rather sweet-base (peanut, garlic, etc). Even their Signature chilli wasn’t spicy enough and didn’t have enough kick!

Follow their sauce recipe, or make your own mixture

Other Hunan dishes

While this place is branded and will be known for serving Hunan hotpot, they also serve their regular Hunan dishes, as per the restaurant branch I went to.

Click to view enlarged image

From my last trip to Restaurant De Hunan in Kuchai, I loved their Sizzling Plate frog dish, so I ordered it again!!

Hot & Spicy Fresh Frog Stone Sizzling “Hunan” style (Small-RM 52; Large- RM 97)

Of course, with Chinese New Year coming soon, they have a CNY promo menu as well. Check out their Facebook Page for updates promo items.


The hotpot was good. We were worried we over ordered at first, but when the dishes showly started to appear, we realised that the portions were really not that big. So round 2 included more items we didn’t order first time round, and additional order of things we liked.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our food. Nice, spicy, satisfying. Definitely another hotpot place I can add to my regular roster. Plus, their regular Hunan dishes are awesome, too. Sp this will be quite a regular place for me now, I think – since this is much closer to home.

We finished and cleaned up everything we ordered. It was satisfying – except for the sauces. The cost of the meal, after the RM 50 discount, came up to about RM 50 per head for the 5 of us. Not too bad!

We vowed to come back again to try the other dishes after trying this hotpot. Especially now that they gave me another RM 25 discount voucher!!! 🤩 Who wants to come along next?

Grand Pot, Hotpot by De Hunan

Add: No. 2, Jalan 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 (17) 631 8875
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-11pm

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