(Review + Discount Code) Sudio Niva Wireless Earphones

*This is a sponsored review unit from Sudio Sweden* Ever since I bought my first pair of wireless earphones, I have been bombarded with a number of other similar earphones from other brands. And none is more prominent, and sexy looking, than Sudio NIVA. Thanks to the folks at Sudio Sweden, I got my hands... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry. It's been almost a year since I posted anything on this blog. I'm active on Instagram, with active insta stories, too) although most of the posts were personal stuff surrounding my family and work life. My Twitter still have some semblance of tech, news headline and other stuff, but not quite the tech... Continue Reading →

Neffos X1 User Review

*This is a review of a loaned product from Neffos Malaysia* You've probably heard of TP-Link, the No. 1 brand in Broadband and WiFi routers? Betcha didn't know that they produce their own brand of smartphones as well, under the Neffos brand. In this highly competitive smartphone landscape, there are way too many brands of... Continue Reading →

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