Asus Zenpad 8 User Review

A few months back, I was on the hunt to replace my personal tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Why? Nothing was wrong with the tablet. Well, because, I am me and my fingers itch and I feel it's time for a change. I want a new toy. See Also : Samsung Galaxy Tab... Continue Reading →

Huawei Mate 8 Review Conclusion

*This is a sponsored post by Huawei Malaysia* Finally, after 2 months+ of using the Huawei Mate 8, this is the final Part 4 conclusion of the series. In case you missed the posts... See Also : Huawei Mate 8 brings back age-old question: Does size really matter? See Also : Experience work and life on the... Continue Reading →

Lenovo PHAB Plus User Review

*This is a review of a sponsored product unit from Lenovo Malaysia* Some months back, I was lucky enough to be the selected few to be invited to an exclusive preview of the Lenovo PHAB Plus.  Along with almost 10 of us, we got to get some early hands on time with the device, a... Continue Reading →

Huawei Honor 7 User Review

*This is a review of a loaned product unit from Huawei Malaysia* It seemed like just yesterday when I published the review of Huawei's Honor 6 Plus. I was impressed with the smartphone - from hardware to performance to pricing. No longer are Chinese smartphones cheap and knock offs. The Honor 6 Plus was a... Continue Reading →

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